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Overview and benefit

This Discovery Time element uses an upbeat and funky song to introduce some of the more familiar animals of the world. The song teaches 2 simple characteristics of each animal.

Equipment required

  • Your chosen track

Link to resources


• Up to six weeks

How it works

There are 5 versions of this song, each featuring 4 animals. Use a different track each week, then repeat.

  • Track 1 – Verse 1=Cat, Verse 2=fish, Verse 3=pig, Verse 4=elephant
  • Track 2 – Verse 1=Cow, Verse 2=horse, Verse 3=sheep, Verse 4=goat
  • Track 3 – Verse 1=Dog, Verse 2=mouse, Verse 3=frog, Verse 4=rabbit
  • Track 4 – Verse 1=Duck, Verse 2=parrot, Verse 3=chicken, Verse 4=bear
  • Track 5 – Verse 1=Owl, Verse 2=monkey, Verse 3=snake, Verse 4=giraffe

Verses 1 and 3 of each track feature an action and a sound and are the animals are male

Verses 2 and 4 of each track features two actions and the animals are female

What to do in the class

Play the track and follow the choreography notes:

Adaptation for older/younger children

It can be used with older classes too, where you can ask the children to suggest actions.

What to do in a nursery setting

No adaptation necessary

Training Video

Woof Woof-1 from MAD Academy on Vimeo.


If you find it difficult to think of actions, you can do the same action twice.

Suggested actions:

  • Goat – bleat sound / headbutting
  • Cat – wash face, wash ears, pretend to lick milk, walk around proudly
  • Fish – hand movement through water or mouth open and shutting
  • Pig – hand on nose and OINK!
  • Cow – horns like the sign for cow
  • Sheep –chewing
  • Giraffe – stretch up one arm high with hand like mouth chewing leaves
  • Rabbit – Fluffy ears or bounce up and down
  • Mouse – hand moving fast around body or up and down like hickory dickory dock