We advise all franchisees to consider using a business facebook account to promote their classes and engage their customers. It is very simple to do once you get started and many of our franchisees find it one of the most valuable marketing tools at their disposal. There are currently;

  • —800+ million users worldwide
  • —30+ million users in the UK (half the population)
  • —50% of UK users access FB everyday
  • For some people FB is the internet
Facebook can be great for:
  1. Engaging consumers – Communicate with your customers and find out what their reactions are to your service or product. Inform people about new events, contests and promotions.
  2. Branding A great way of creating brand awareness
  3. Control web traffic – Through posting links on your Facebook page, more people (including friends of friends) are going to see your website.
  4. Information benefits – By using Facebook, you are going to be able to see what other users are discussing about your brand or you. Once you find out what consumers really want, you will be capable of altering your products or services accordingly.
  5. New customers – Facebook offers a chance for locating new customers that you might have never discovered, thus increasing your profits.
  6. It’s FREE  – and more effective than lost of paid marketing

You will find more information to help you get started with facebook in this section of the intranet.

Be careful what you write – remember facebook is very public and is your business face on the internet. Make sure you don’t write anything that you wouldn’t be happy to send to every one of your customers and HO personally. As you are using facebook to promote your business it is important that you comply with their terms and conditions. You can find out some of the things not do here>>>