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Overview and benefit

Learning to listen is an essential life skill. Children that learn how to listen will be able to follow instructions and learn more from the people they interact with. Listening is a learnt skill and children will also learn it by example. Therefore it is important that you listen to what your own child has to say to you too if you want them to return the compliment.

This activity uses flash cards and introduces the child to the concept of whispering and listening carefully and taking turns.

Equipment required

  • ¬†Flash cards

Link to resources


  • ¬†Two to three weeks

How it works

Using flashcards and working with their child, the child must show the carer the card that the adult whispers.

What to do in the class

This is an activity best done between parent and child. Give each pair a set of 6 flashcards (featuring any assortment of pictures from our picture bank). Have each pair sit in a space around the hall (trying to ensure they are not too close to any other). The parent takes 2 of the cards and lays them out in front of them. They then whisper to their child which card they would like them to give them. The child has to listen carefully to ensure they hear the right card. After the first few goes, the child gets to whisper to the adult and take it in turns. We could create packs of cards with 6 thing that might sound a bit alike, such as car, cat, star, hat, hen, pen, pot etc.

Training Video

Adaptation for older/younger children

To make it a little more challenging for older children use words that sound quite similar for example hat and cat, hen and pen etc

What to do in a nursery setting

Play as a game of Chinese Whispers. Seat the children in a circle, instructor whispers to a child and it is whispered by that child to the next one until it reaches the instructor. The instructor then asks the children what word they thought they heard.