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Overview and benefit

Children learn about gardens and how things grow using a card matching activity.

Equipment required

  •  Large location cards and lots of smaller cards just showing the fruit or vegetable.

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  • Two to three weeks

How it works

A card matching activity where children have to collect different fruit and vegetables around the room.

What to do in the class

Place around the room pictures of where different fruit and vegetables grow. Under each picture, place lots of smaller cards of the fruit or vegetable that comes from it. Give each child a fruit and veg picture and a ’basket’ and ask them to go and pick the same one. Repeat 3 or 4 times.

Picture card include:

  • Apple – apples on a tree
  • Carrot – carrots growing in the ground
  • Blackberry – blackberries growing on a bush
  • Peas – peas in pods growing up canes
  • Bunch of grapes – grapes growing on a vine
  • Strawberry – strawberries growing on plants on the ground
  • Potato – growing potatoes in the ground
  • Wheat – a field of wheat


Adaptation for older/younger children

This activity is designed for verbal children

What to do in a nursery setting

No adaptation required.