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Overview and benefit

Auditory discrimination is very important in learning to speak and say new words. This activity is designed to develop baby’s auditory skills and awareness.

Equipment required

  • Guess the Sound tracks and pictures
  • Real objects of toys of the sounds

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Two to three weeks

How it works

Babies listen to a variety of simple everyday sounds and then see what was making the sound.

What to do in the class

Mums sit babies on their knee facing you. Play one of the familiar everyday sounds from the Guess the Sound CD. Play the sound a few times and get the mums to ask their babies, ‘What was that noise? Listen!’ After a few repetitions, show a picture or even better the object that was making that noise. If you can’t get real objects, then toy versions can also be good – but real objects are much better than pictures which can be hard for babies to make out. As you show the object and play the sound, say the word and get the mums to tell their babies the name of the object.

What to do in a nursery setting

No adjustments required.


You could use the quiet song before each sound to signal to the children it is time to listen. Then repeat the sound three times. On the first sound, ask ‘What is that?’ and get their attention. On the second time, show the picture and perhaps do the baby sign of it. On the third sound, name it again, showing the picture and ask the parents and babies to make the sound themselves.

Make sure the sound is not so loud it might scare the babies!

You could group the sounds in themes, such as transport, animals, human noises, household noises. Possible props for ‘What’s that Sound?’

  • Vacuum cleaner (toy)
  • Horse galloping (toy)
  • Plane (toy)
  • Clock tick tock (clock)
  • Helicopter (toy)
  • Cat (toy)
  • Car (toy)
  • Cow (toy)
  • Jingle bells (instrument)
  • Dog (toy)
  • Hairdryer (hairdryer)
  • Cockerel (toy)
  • Phone (toy)
  • Birds (toy)
  • Frog (toy)
  • Hammer (hammer)
  • Bee (toy)
  • Train (toy)