What is the difference between a seal and a sea lion?

Note the new ears!

        What a difference an ear makes!

Well it seems one of our preschool children knows! Apparently it was pointed out in class the other day that when Ralph visits the zoo in Sound Stories (from Listen Carefully) he sees a seal not a sea lion. After Googling the question (not much of a naturlist myself!) it seems the lack of visible ears on our picture is confusing the issue. Therefore we have added some ears to our ‘sea lion’ in the sound stories picture files. You can download the updated versions here:

FCLC_listen_carefully_sound_stories_pictures_colour_Nov14.pdf FCLC_listen_carefully_sound_stories_pictures_Nov14.pdf

Or from the relevant section of the resources library.

It’s great our little ones are keeping us all on our toes! Thanks Rebecca Holder and Trish for passing this feedback on!

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