A whole new, exciting world opens up to babies once they learn to walk! It’s an amazing time of learning and discovery and we ensure our classes are packed with stimulating and exciting activities which make the most of these new skills.

Once children learn to walk, they no longer want to be sitting down! So our ‘Walkers to Two’ musical classes for toddlers are specially designed to allow children lots of opportunities to practice and enjoy their new mobility! Our carefully choreographed dances help children practice their balance and coordination while our movement games and activities develop muscle control, strength, and physical confidence.

Our dance classes for toddlers are full of music, rhythm, instruments, singing and rhymes. Young children love these familiar songs and this is the time they start to sing along, practicing all the new words they are learning. We begin introducing them to simple musical beats and listen to a huge variety of music. We begin to teach more music-based skills including rhythm, tempo, dynamics, pitch and voice control.

We continue to use sounds and music games to develop listening and communication skills, and we also start to teach children about the world around them, including introducing them to numbers, shapes and colours.

The atmosphere in class is relaxed and free spirited. We want children to feel confident and happy to explore and experiment, and for everyone to leave the class buzzing with excitement!

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Toddler Music and Movement Class Video

Now you can see for yourself the fun that awaits you in our Walker to 2 classes!