When you change a venue, you must send your new venue address (or the old one to be removed) to lee@madacademy.com so that the map database on the website can be updated. This ensures when someone searches for classes within 25 miles of your location, your new venue will be returned in the search results.

The map database is NOT linked to your timetable pages and you must update your venues and the hover boxes within the timetable yourself.

Changing a venue within your timetable

Head office will now create the correct venue links in your timetable.  Once you have inputted the venue names, let lee@madacademy.com know and he will be able to input the venue links for you.


Remember, any changes to your venue or your timetable may mean you need to update any websites that you currently advertise on.


For full assistance on how to edit your pages can be found in your Website User Guide (12).