As well as using your own facebook page to attract customers, you can reach out to new people through other facebook pages and groups.Some of the groups contain hundreds of members that you can reach and they actively encourage anyone with a business to promote their service or goods with postings.

Search Facebook for groups in your local area which you can post and advertise on, e.g. buy and sell sites, small business sites, local family/women groups. Find the most very active groups that are relevant to your area and target market. For instance, try searching the following, (Town/county + Babies), (Town/county + Toddlers), (Town/County + Parents), (Town/County + Mums/Mummies), (Town/County Name + NCT). This list is not exhaustive so you will have to use your imagination a little to track down the relevant interest groups. Other ones to try are networking groups like (Town/County Business).

You must check their rules (e.g. some will only allow advertising on certain days) which might be in the documentation on the groups page, or you may have to ask the admin person (you may need to post to find out who that is). You will probably have to join this group – there will either be a link to click to ask to join or you contact the owner of the group/site.

To get the most out of these sites it is important to post regularly. Posts don’t stay up for long, so to keep in peoples minds you need to be regularly posting. You posts might not be directly about your classes but could again be about passing on local information, but getting your business mentioned regularly will help your general brand awareness. On days in which you can advertise, you could post about your classes, or birthday parties, events you are running or appearing at, offers and promotions, or even just interesting content on your own facebook page.

Find some other local businesses that also cater for your target audience and approach them to do some reciprocal marketing. For example if you find someone with a Baby photography business, they could give out your cards or brochures to their customers and you can put their cards on your table in class. You can then also comment on each other’s Facebook pages too. Choose who you do this reciprocal marketing with carefully. You need to choose people not in competition with you and who wont damage our brand, so ideally someone you know and someone who is offering a quality product.