General photography in class should be discouraged. However we understand that there may be times when a parent will want to photograph their child in class for a special reason, such as to show a family member or as a record when they leave. In such circumstances, class instructors must ask the rest of the parents present whether anyone has an objection to photographs being taken. If they do, they must also ensure that only the child in question appears in the photographs.

There may be times when MAD Academy will want to take photographs of a class for marketing or PR purposes. In such cases, class instructors must seek the consent of all parents taking part in the class. Every parent must sign a photography permission letter (Form Permission Publicity (14)) prior to the photography taking place and those letters must be filed. Only children of parents who have given written consent can take part in the photographs.

Please avoid putting any photos of your classes and children on your facebook page. Photos that have been taken in public places, such as fetes, shows, or festivals are fine. However anything that was taken in the privacy of a class or party should not be put up.