Each franchisee has four main pages on the website which they edit and update:

  • the timetable page
  • the biography page (excluding the testimonials at the bottom of this page)
  • the nursery page
  • the birthday party page

These pages are accessed for editing at Setting up your Website pages and full assistance on how to edit your pages can be found in your Website User Guide (12).

Every franchisee will need to update their pages at least every term, and every time their venues or times change. However, there is also a news section on every timetable page which allows you to add information about what you are up to and could be updated more regularly.  The more often you edit and update your pages, the higher search engines will rank your pages within search results.

To assist you in editing your pages, we have created the Website User Guide (12).

Quick reference guides to some of the more common updating tasks are also here on the intranet:

Please keep a record of your username and password. Should you forget your password, email lee@madacademy.com to have it reset. If you attempt to log on using an incorrect password, after 4 attempts you will be locked out for 24 hours. Notify lee@madacademy.com so your email can be rest.