Tommy Award Nominations

Every Year The Tommy Awards, in partnership with Bounty, are held to recognise special individuals and organisations who make a difference to the lives of families. Parents vote and the nominations have just opened for the category ‘Best children’s activity provider‘. The nomination period in this category is only open for the month of September. Then voting begins in the new year from the nominated list.

It would be great to get MAD Academy as one of the nominated activities! Unlike the What’s on 4 little ones awards, the nominations are national, so all the votes from all franchise areas will count together for once.

Parents who nominate an organisation are entered into a prize draw to win lots of Peppa Pig goodies! So its good news for them too!

Please mention it on your facebook pages and in class. I will put a news item on the website and on facebook so you can share the link. Remember – nominations can only be made during September.


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