What you say!

"We have enjoyed the varied activities at MAD, Rosa loves the singing and the shopping game. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming to us and we have loved our visits. Sarah (Rosa's granny)"

Sarah (Rosa’s granny)

"I would just like to say over the last 8 years MAD Academy has been part of our family life. We will miss coming to the weekly sessions.Both Thomas and Oscar have enjoyed themselves thoroughly, learning and having fun all the way. Even after 8 years Thomas still remembers coming to MAD lessons and being your little sidekick at the front. Oscar is like it with Lucy now. The team and you should be immensely proud of what you all do, bringing such enjoyment and learning opportunities into young children’s life. Doing learning through play is the best way; the songs are fabulous from the old ones that everyone knows to the new ones which are really catchy especially - Ralph at the beach and the water cycle one. I would like to take this opportunity to say a massive thankyou to you and your team. Keep up the excellent work you all do."


"We love Fridays. I tell my little one at breakfast that today we're going to music class and watch her smile. Her face lights up when we sing certain songs we've learnt at MAD academy and she grins at the thought of chasing bubbles and playing with scarves later."


"5 star! Awesome class at MAD today. I couldn't believe how quickly my little boy (14 months) became engaged with all the fun activities - from singing and dancing to colourful scarves and musical instruments! We are looking forward to next week already! Highly recommend it!"


"Fun-filled and educational. Children really enjoyed it and are asking to go back!!"


"Absolutely fantastic classes, great for educational fun and entertainment. My little girls can't wait for Thursday so that they can go to their MAD class. They love the music, props, games and songs, even secretly I enjoy going too. Couldn't recommend it highly enough, so come along and have some fun."


"Brilliant class, kids absolutely loved it. Highly recommend it."


"Great use of props and great interaction with the kids. Involves music, movement and numeracy... You can't go wrong! I took my three along (2 year old twins and 4 year old) and all three really enjoyed it."


"My son and I thoroughly enjoy MAD Academy classes; not only do we have lots of fun but it's made notable developmental advancements i.e. enhancing listening skills and the ability to follow instructions, learning about rhythm, a range of musical sounds and dance as well as other educational skills through games. Amanda is a natural with the children and they love her - she is good fun and has a gentle approach - allowing children to go at their pace in an unhurried and unpressurised environment. I recommend these classes to all."

Zac’s mum

"We absolutely adore both Sophie and her class. Thursday is our favourite day of the week with the boys arriving at 8am excited as it is our MAD day. Her classes are inspirational, she is so enthusiastic, miraculously ALWAYS remembers the children’s names in her class, even the new ones. Her topics are current with curriculum and help to expand on my work with them at home. She goes out of her way to help me on the days that she can see I have my hands full."

Lucy, childminder

"Just wanted to say, of all the classes we have been to, you were our favourite teacher! You are really engaging and have a really warm, welcoming energy which makes everyone relax and get into it. You also have loads of enthusiasm and are really smiley and fun so I thought you were the perfect leader for this group- you remind me of a cbeebies presenter! I also loved the range of music you used and the moving around and different props kept us all engaged and interested. My baby definitely smiled more at MAD Academy than any other one."

happy mum

"I feel that Mad Academy is an extremely amazing medium to enthral and capture children’s imagination to learn through play and self-expression."

Childminder in Bicester

"We’ve been to a few different baby classes but this is definitely the best. Thomas loves running around and listening to music and so this is the perfect class for an active toddler! Elaine is great with the children and I love the way she always individually praises the children."


"Charlie is loving the classes and I really love seeing him learn and be exploratory in a creative environment. Plus it's really fun and we both have a good afternoon nap afterwards. It's a keep fit class for me too :)"


"MAD Academy is a top notch experience for younger children. Debs' energy and enthusiasm is totally infectious ! Every time we go, it is non- stop fun and laughter for the entire session. Give it a try, you'll all love it!"

Jane of Farnham

"I LOVED attending Debs' sessions with my daughter, Freya, and it was a very sad day when we had to stop going once Freya started preschool 🙁 Debs as endless energy and enthusiasm which made the sessions unmissable for both Freya and me! The sessions were fun and exactly right for the age of the children. I almost want to have another baby just so we can go back!!!! "

Sarah of Farnham

"Both my boys had a fantastic time at MAD academy - they loved every minute! There's loads of singing, dancing, playing instruments and generally letting off steam! It's a fab, fun, stress-free time, for the parents as well as the kids! "

Jen of Farnham

"All 3 of my wee ones have enjoyed classes with Debs, from being 6 months old until they started at school. My 3rd (and last) is soon to end his time with Debs, he will miss her as will I! If you are looking for a fun and stimulating environment where you and your child can enjoy learning through music and dance this is the class to join! I couldn't recommend Debs highly enough! So what are you waiting for, give Mad Academy with Debs a try, I'm pretty certain you won't regret it!"

Lisa of Farnborough

"Me and my boys went to Mad Academy with Debs in Farnham for a couple of years. 
She is utterly lovely and brilliant. So good with the kids and such positive energy. With very little sitting on bottoms, this gets the kids up and about dancing. My kids still talk about the bubbles at the end of her classes! 
We had Mad Academy party too. Good value and hassle free. Just what I needed that year."

Emma of Farnham

"I cannot recommend MAD academy with Debs enough. Such a fab class filled with lots of fun for the kids and mummies too. All the children love Debs friendly personality! The class is entertaining , educating and best of all wears them out too!! Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!!!"

Veronica, Fleet

"I would thoroughly recommend MAD Academy with Debs, I went with my daughter for over a year and a half and she absolutely loved it. Catherine loved to dance and sing (though only when on her own) and I wanted to find a way to encourage this. 

Debs and the MAD Academy were perfect. She started out shy in the classes and by the end she became a very confident little girl. The classes are a good mix of dancing, games and songs that keep all children entertained and focused.
unfortunately, due to starting preschool we had to give it up but she still sings and dances every moment she can get and remembers half of the songs six months on!!!"

Louise, Farnham

"I have attended many Mad Academy sessions with my (then) two year old daughter Imogen all of which were hosted by Debs Newman.
It became clear from the outset that Debs was a true professional. Her skill, energy and ability to infuse vitality and excitement to a group of young children in a limited time span was obvious to all and her enthusiasm for the classes was consistent throughout.
We were so impressed with Debs that we invited her to host our elder daughter Emily's 5th birthday party. Again, she gave a highly accomplished performance which was instantly appreciated by children and adults alike."

Matthew and Juliette

"Debs classes provide a wonderful environment for learning through music, movement and fun. Both of my girls enjoyed their time at MAD enormously and still sing the songs. The mixture of nursery rhymes, modern children's classics and pop songs is energetic and you will soon sing along, too. Apart from the fun, I am certain that the girl's learning benefited enormously from learning about rhythms and rhymes. Debs provides a friendly, engaging environment, where no child gets forced to join in with the activities, but my girls never sat still for long."

Christina and the girls

"Having had some mixed experiences with mother and baby groups, I was a bit uncertain when I signed up for MAD, but both me and my (then) nine-month-old loved this class from the start. The sessions are lively and fast-paced so there's no time for baby to get bored or fractious. Each session starts with a "hello" song that welcomes each baby individually, then there's dancing (well, movement), singing, playing with musical instruments, baby signing, and the obligatory and ever-popular bubbles. Best of all for me, there's no pressure to make your little one take part in every activity, so if they're not keen on lying down/sitting still/being carried at any given moment, you can let them do their own thing. Plus there's time for all the babies to 'socialise' (gurgle and steal each others' maracas) and for the mums to have a chat. This class is a firm favourite with us and highly recommended."

Happy Mum

"Fabulous class. Sarah is very enthusiastic and Jessica loves it! Gives us ideas for games at home too! "


"Brilliant session. Very energetic and so much fun!"

Harry’s mum

"It was excellent. Best toddler class we have been to and Sarah is by miles and miles the best children's class activity leader we have seen in our past two years of toddler activities."

Emma’s Mum

"Jack has been attending MAD since he was one and is now 2 and a half and loves it. The class is very energetic and educational. His confidence and skills have really developed. Every Tuesday he really looks forward to Pauline's Class and he tells me he 'Loves Ralph the Bear!! "

Jack’s mummy

"My daughter has been going to MAD Academy for over a year and loves it! She was quite shy at first and didn't always join in but now she follows Maggie around and is keen to take part in everything and she loves putting on her MAD Academy t-shirt every Friday."


"My son and me have been going to Maggie's MAD academy classes for the last year and a half. They are fab! Maggie is so full of enthusiasm that you come out smiling, and tapping you toes well after the class. The classes are pitched at the right level for the corresponding age range. My son seems stimulated by the songs, and activities that take place. The songs are a variety of older well known tunes, and modern funky songs. Every session ends with turn on the musical instruments which I think the kids always seem to love. All in all, I can't rate these classes highly enough. Well worth the money!"


"Me and my daughter attend MAD classes and we love it. Its energetic and fun and Maggie is just brilliant with the kids. It's educational and lots of fun. We just had a MAD party for Emily's birthday and it did not disappoint. All the children loved it even the 5 year olds!"


"The girls love the 'rocky' music and bouncy atmosphere throughout the session."

Skye and Savannah’s mummy

"Lovely, lovely class, perfect amount of singing and moving and Annette you're a lovely class leader"

Happy Mum

"Thank you very much for the experience that you have given Grace and I at Mad Academy. We've been coming to your classes since Grace was 4 months old and she is 2 and a half now! She's enjoyed every single class. The classes always grab her attention and I've watched her get more and more confident. There is so much for her to learn at MAD - music, dancing, listening skills, social skills, ball skills to name but a few. It is by far the best "baby" class we have done and we've done a lot of them!"

Jane and Grace

"My children attended the group over 3 months and had the best fun they've ever had at any group! Active, educational, fun for parent and child, my children were 3 (daughter) and 18 months (son) when we started, and the class appealed to both in so many ways. The instruments and songs were a favourite! The use of skill based toys i.e. beanbags, golf sticks, bouncy balls for hand eye coordination, and claves for beat competency, all excellent. I cannot praise this group highly enough. When we started my son didn't talk, and had started using miming actions to say yes, and referred to himself as another name, after 3 weeks, there were huge improvements, after 3 months it was such a joy to see how much he had developed his language and speech, and sang every word of the hello song with all the actions!! We would recommend (and have done many times),MAD ACADEMY, to every parent with a child of all abilities and ages between baby and preschool age! Absolutely fantastic work, and Pauline deserves recognition for her work as without an enthusiastic, warm welcoming leader there would be no group at all!"

Brooke and Frankie’s Mummy

"Thank you so much for making Millie's birthday party so special. She had a brilliant time and so did all her little friends. We loved everything you had planned for her and was the perfect entertainment for what we wanted. You were so energetic and lively and interacted so well with all the children, they could not stopping talking about how much they loved there dance lesson when you had gone and Millie is still talking about her great party now!! "

Mum of Millie

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for doing such a great job at Evie's birthday party, she really enjoyed herself and so did all her friends, - and the adults too! We're really glad we had you and big Ralph there! Thanks also for the gifts, she really loved your wings at the Halloween party so they were perfect, and the gliders were great too."

Mum of Evie

"Esther really enjoys MAD and looks forward to going every week. "

Mum of Esther

"Great, fun, energetic and throughly enjoy each week. My little girl looks forward to seeing Chloe as much as Ralph.... and now loves to dance!! Thank you for a great class. "

Mum of Isla

"What energy Hannah has! Bright, fun, engaging classes which are tailored well to the kids and are very stimulating. There are a never ending source of toys and ideas in the classes with a good mix of old and new songs. "

Mum of Tom

"Sam and I have really enjoyed the classes and I am impressed with the range of different and fun activities planned for the sessions. Thank you very much and see you next term! "

Mum of Sam

"Chloe is a really good class leader, I've noticed a huge change in George and I think a lot is because of MAD. I'm really glad I have started and will continue to bring him! Thank you. "

Mum of George

"It is a fun, free spirited class - perfect for my 2 year old who needs a class which is less structured, yet with plenty of variation and content. "

Mum of Amelie

"We always have good fun. The sessions always have an educational element as well as the opportunity to release lots of energy. "

Mum of Ruby

"Love it! I can see improvement in Taylor's listening and attention."

Mum of Taylor

"My daughter started MAD Academy with Kate when she was 18 months old and being quite shy I wasn't sure if she would like it but Kate was amazing with her and made her feel so welcome and relaxed that it didn't take her long to come out of her shell and she absolutely loves all the singing and dancing now. Kate pays special attention to all the children and makes everyone feel at ease and all the children seem to adore her. I couldn't recommend her highly enough."


"I have been taking my (now) 4 year old to MAD classes every week since he was about 6 months old, I also bring my 2.5 yr old. Both of my children love these classes and look forward to attending each week. Kate has incredible energy and builds an instant rapport with the children. She really understands what activities each individual child seems to enjoy the most, and makes sure she draws everyone in. Kate's enthusiasm is infectious - you can't help but enjoy her sessions!"


"Thanks so much for all the fun you've given us both - best classes I've done by a mile!"

Sally and William

"Darcy and I are fairly new to the sessions but have enjoyed every single one! Darcy was only 3 months when she started and I thoroughly believe she has benefited from the activities and meeting other babies. Thank you to Elaine who is wonderful at what she does and is so lovely!"

Darcy’s mum

"Flo has loved the class. It is well structured, encourages language and numeracy skills and is totally age appropriate. The variety of activities and music/songs has allowed Flo to develop her love of music. Lucy is an excellent teacher and Ralph the teddy bear is a great hit as are the stickers."

Flo’s mum

"Brilliant, Lucy loves it and talks about the class all week. We see her try things she picks up in the class. The teacher is creative, welcoming and makes the class great fun. Don’t know what we will do for the next few Mondays. Thanks."


"At the heart of Karen’s well-planned and diverse classes lies a fun learning programme that introduces and develops your child’s appetite for music and dance in the most lively way imaginable!"

Mark Youll

"We've really been enjoying MAD! It's energetic, fun and my daughter loves singing and dancing so its an ideal class for her. The songs are catchy and easy to learn - we especially love Max the Greyhound! It's a good introduction to music and performing and teaches the children self confidence."

Katy (Mum of Lizzie age 3)

"Thank you for the MAD sessions we have had this term. I have watched my two children grow in confidence week by week. Fergus in particular has really enjoyed them. At the start he was reluctant to join in but your enthusiastic delivery and easy rapport has both encouraged and developed his confidence. Katy is always excited about coming to her MAD sessions and loves it when her t-shirt comes out of the cupboard. Both Katy and Fergus are looking forward to next term!"

Sue (Mum of twins Katy and Fergus)

"Mad Academy run by Kathryn Lindblad is in my experience an excellent class that keeps energetic children active and engaged. My daughter often requests to go to Kathryn's fun thing!"


"My son loves going to Sophie's Mad Academy classes. He loves all the dancing and jumping around and the different themes each week. We've even got the CD so he can sing along in the car! I highly recommend going - so much fun!"

Happy MAD Mum

"Thank you so much for the amazing job you do at our class every week, Lauren loves coming and LOVES Ralph even more. I have noticed that Laurens balance has improved greatly and that she is no longer shy in social situations."


"My daughter attends Pauline's classes in Cheam every week and absolutely LOVES every second. It is the highlight of her week - she wears her MAD academy T-shirt with the utmost pride!! Highly recommended."

Eloise’s Mummy

"Lots of fun. Very energetic. Lots of jumping and very tired Mummies! Great music!"

Megan’s Mummy

"These classes are excellent fun for the children. My son loves it and I would recommend it to anyone."

Mum of Reuben

"Jeremy loves the class – he absorbs everything and then tells us all about it back at home for the next week – until the next class."

Mum of Jeremy

"Ollie loves the classes as much as I do. It’s all good fun!"

Mum of Ollie

"It’s the highlight of Amy's week."

Mum of Amy Weber

"My daughter absolutely loves MAD Academy and gets very excited when I remind her about it. She loves the freedom in class to get up and dance if she wants to or sit on my knee. We've tried lots of classes and MAD is our favourite."

Mum of Eve

"Just wanted to say how much Benjamin enjoyed the session today. Being dyspraxic and having poor bodily control in groups, we have struggled and given up in really structured "you must sit still and participate" environments, which is a shame as he loves music and has a good sense of rhythm. Benjamin also has had quite a few operations for kidney disease, and music is one of the only ways he can express himself or find comfort. Thank you for restoring our faith in the idea that every child can have fun and talent, whatever their ability or disability!"

Kerry, Benjamin’s Mum

"Sophie has developed a love of music and dance and is always trying to mimic the actions used in class, so it is great for her co-ordination."

Mum of Sophie

"To see my daughter doing all the actions to one song after 5 classes was breathtaking and brought a lump to my throat."

Shannon, mum of Sarah

"At first Ben barely joined in with the songs, now he is trying to do many of the actions and sings the odd word. This is also showing at home!"

Mum of Ben King

"Aaron was very shy to start with, always hiding in the corner. He now loves it and interacts a lot more, he really loves the instruments and the ‘Guess the Sound’ game."

Helen Corbett, mum of Aaron

"Since joining MAD, Jamie really enjoys dancing to any type of music he hears. He has learned to clap his hands, nod his head and stamp his feet all to the rhythm of music. It is complete fun from start to finish."

Mum of Jamie

"Morgan looks forward to it every week and talks about it every Tuesday night - he checks with me that he is going the following morning. His concentration, listening and vocabulary have greatly improved."

Mum of Morgan Cripps

"Victoria and Emma sing and dance a lot at home now. They ask me often 'when are we going to music group?' It tells you a lot. The classes are wonderful. They give my children more confidence."

Mum of Victoria

"I truly feel that Toby's development has been enhanced by attending the class and I can see from his reactions that he thoroughly enjoys them too."

Mum of Toby Seward

"The classes are excellent and it’s a real pleasure seeing the babies so engaged in what’s going on. It has really developed my little girl’s ear for musical tunes and she has started dancing at just one year old!"

Mum of Antonia

"Jack didn’t sing before we came to a MAD class. Now we’re always listening to his rendition of Baa Baa Black Sheep."

Mum of Jack

"Whenever Mia hears any sort of music she has always danced. MAD Academy has been a great activity for her and I am amazed how the classes have improved her development. I have highly recommended MAD Academy to friends."

Mum of Mia Leach

"A very good class – Owen loves it, gets excited the night before and in the morning."

Owen’s mum

"Louisa loves going to the classes and can’t wait to go back each week. There’s always something new and fun at the classes."

Louisa’s mum

"We enjoy every aspect of the classes, though the instrument and sensory parts are especially enjoyable and thoughtful."

Annette Larder, mum of Daniel

"This is an excellent activity for mother and child – it is well structured and organised. The child is learning whilst at the same time (and very important) child and mother are having fun."

Mum of Holly

"Relaxed environment yet fun and stimulating for the little ones."

Mum of Matthew Kirk

"VERY energetic but also relaxing for the parents as no pressure on children having to take part or sitting down when asked, they can do what they like as it’s for THEM!"

Mum of Amanda Hutchings

"Lots of fun and great use of energy."

Mum of Rachel

"As much fun for me as for Adam. He enjoys the 'music with play."

Mum of Adam

"An energetic, lively class which I recommend wholeheartedly! Uplifting! This is 45 minutes well spent and so worthwhile."

Mum of Heather

"A fun environment with a very enthusiastic teacher – we both look forward to the class."

Mum of Sam

"The hello and goodbye songs are great and make each child feel part of the group. I love the way our instructor involves each child and praises them all to make them feel special. Eve loves action songs and being able to get up and dance to them."

Mother of Eve

"The class is fun and energetic and encourages my child to be uninhibited whilst learning too. Truly glad we found MAD Academy. The balance is great i.e. educational vs fun and energised. A positive start to every week."

Mum of Alexander

"Mad is fun and funky. A high energy music group, which brings out the children's rhythm and enjoyment."

Mum of Ryan Green

"Brilliant classes always fun-filled and action packed! It has given my daughter more confidence and she loves the music."

Mum of Becky

"Adore it! Fantastic class, great props. Marina cries most mornings if we can’t go to music."

Mrs Anteline

"MAD is by far the best child's music and dance class I have been to."

Mum of Penny Booth

"We love the sessions and I think that the one this week was the best one ever!!! The things you do are so inspiring."

Charlie’s Mum

"We love MAD Academy! I like all the varying sections of each class and my daughter is always buzzing on MAD Academy day, smiling, singing and doing the actions all day."

Mum to Elizabeth

"I have to say that I really do like the energy of the sessions - things seem to happen in a much more natural way, more educational and heaps more fun than any other classes that we've tried."

Mum to Charlie

"Great variety, it keeps moving and they don't get bored - so don't change anything! It's the highlight of our week."

Mum to Amy

"I tell all my friends about MAD as Sophie and I really do enjoy your classes; they are such fun for little ones and big ones alike!"


"I look forward to MAD academy as much as my daughter! Each class is packed with fun, music, dance and a lot of enthusiasm - it really is a highlight of our week."

A happy mum

"A truly wonderful way to encourage your child's musical talent."

Mum of Emma Butler

"It gives my child such confidence, she loves the classes!"

Mum of Niamh Hartman-Knight

"The classes really bring out the confidence in the children. My son is very shy but dances with abandon in front of everyone!"

Kirsty Hodson

"Just wanted to thank you for the brilliant classes. Lily absolutely loves them and mummy has a lot of fun too!"

Lily’s mum

"Excellent class, plenty of action and movement. Lots of variety."

Mum of Lily

"It really engages your child in music and rhythm in a fun environment."

Mum of Pirs Heys

"Great fun, energetic, noisy and thoroughly enjoyable. A well-planned session delivered with great enthusiasm."

Sandy Feasey, mum of Alice

"Not only enjoyable for the children but the adults have great fun too! Everyone leaves with a smile on their face."

Mum of Jorgie Wright