Termly Training 1st July 2012

Everyone had a great day on Sunday at our Termly Training session! Trish passed on her tips and expertise on a range of Discovery Time Elements and Beat Competency. She also reminded us of what we need to think about for our MAD Sports parties and inspired us with her recent success at getting the MAD Sport PR into her local newspaper.

We all got creative as we brainstormed ideas for further class material and then Rebecca unveiled the new intranet site. Finally we all tucked into some great food, including a marvellous array of jubliee inspired sweet treats from you all. Whilst we were enjoying the puddings, the children were mezmorised by the Magician and his real white rabbits!

Below is what was covered at the training in more detail. Everything below has also been added to the relevant pages of the advice centre.

Songs For Everyday

  • To make it easier to engage the babies, particularly in a big class, you could print out smaller versions of the pictures of Ralph, laminate them and bind them together for each script. Then these can be given to each parent to look through with their child as you sing. Binding them together makes them look like a little book which is good to introduce young children to.
  • Don’t be put off if parents don’t join in at first. They need the songs repeated over a few weeks to really learn them. You could give the mums a shaker to play whilst they are learning the song so they don’t feel so self-conscious that they don’t know the words.
  • You can use the baby signs for key words through the songs
  • The Dinner Time song seems easiest for parents to learn
  • It can be used for walker to 2. You could combine with actions rather than baby signs.

Animal Charades

  • Giving the cards to each parent to stick up is much quicker, especially if you have already put the blutak on the back.
  • Keep the wall pictures in a separate packet from the ones you give out and perhaps write a big ‘W’ on the back of the wall ones, in case they get muddled. That way you can be sure each card you give out to the children will also be stuck on the wall.
  • When you get the parents to stick up the cards, tell them to stick them low enough so that the children can see but high enough to keep them out of children’s reach.
  • If children are reluctant for the game to finish, put the cards away on a table or windowsill as you collect them, so that you can show your empty hands to waiting children.
  • This activity can easily be themed to fit in with parties or events. Just find imaged on Google what fit the theme, e.g. Christmas or holiday

Ding Dong Ralph

  • Encourages basic counting skills
  • You can make Ralph a little house if you want to, but a box or pop-up container will work just as well
  • If things get a little dangerous with the children running away from Ralph, tell them to stand still and hide behind their hands instead.
  • If you are doing this in a nursery with limited space, you can make an opening door from laminated card (2 pages bound together so they open) with a picture of Ralph behind the door.

Beat It!

  • Shakers are not as precise for beating a rhythm as castanets and claves
  • Beat it helps children link an understanding of beat to a piece of music
  • You can vary the beats you pick out – every 2 for example.
  • You can vary again by getting them to beat the syllables to the song lyrics rather than the beat
  • Don’t sing whilst beating the rhythm. Singing the words and beating a rhythm are different things which the parents as well as the children will find too difficult.
  • You could use the Instrument Time songs, doing the actions with the claves

MAD Sport

  • Everyone should be prepared for their fundraising parties for the Make A Wish Foundation
  • Remember to send out your MAD Sport PR to all your local newspapers and magazines. Trish has had a nice half page spread because of it!
  • Remember to make party special in some way. Some of you are using:
    • Medals
    • Flags and bunting
    • Cake sales
    • Fancy dress/sports wear
    • Teddies
    • Flags and torches

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