Are you ready for next term? Here are a few things to remember to ensure you maximise your chances of a successful start to the new term.

  1. Send out rejoin letters to all your customers – chase those you don’t get back. Sometimes a quick phone call can make the difference between resigning someone and loosing a busy customer!
  2. Review class figures for last term & identify any classes that need amalgamating or changing? Remember two classes are half capacity are not as profitable as 1 full class!
  3. Review your prices. Are you charging enough?
  4. Finalise and confirm venues for the coming term.
  5. Updated your class details, news and biogs on the website.
  6. Update your details on the Whats on 4 Little Ones and All4kids website and any other free sites you currently list with.
  7. Send any news items about forthcoming events to HO to be included on the website
  8. Send through to HO all new email addresses from customers who have asked to be included on the newsletter distribution list.
  9. Order new A5 leaflets and other marketing tools from the intranet.
  10. Decide on your leaflet distribution strategy.
  11. Put up posters and postcard to gain new customer – aim to put up 100. Remember to target local post-offices, doctors surgeries, community centres, local children’s attractions etc.
  12. Place adverts in local press, magazines (remember to keep a note of the number, place and cost of each so you can monitor their effectiveness)
  13. Consider trying to get some PR articles into local publications.