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Overview and benefit

Learning to listen and react to tempo changes in music is an essential part of a child’s musical skills.

Equipment required

  • Chosen set of songs

link to resources

Training Videos

tempo change songs from MAD Academy on Vimeo.


Row Row Row Slow Fast-1 from MAD Academy on Vimeo.

Grand Old Duke Of York Tempo Changes-1 from MAD Academy on Vimeo.

Driving In My Car Car Tempo Changes-1 from MAD Academy on Vimeo.

Up to six weeks

How it works

There are three songs recorded at varying tempos:

  • Grand Old Duke of York – Slow, Normal, Fast
  • Row Row Row – Slow, Normal, Fast
  • Driving in my Car Car – Slow, Normal, Fast

What to do in the class

Choose a song, explain that the song may be fast or slow. Play and do the song together then discuss with the child as to whether they think it is fast or slow. Then play the alternative tempo of the song and help children hear and feel the difference in their movements. The following week use a different song. You can advance things by using the normal speed version too, then the children have to decide which song is the ‘right’ speed!

Adaptations for older/younger children

None required

What to do in a nursery setting

No adaption necessary