Songs and music

  • Rock a bye bear (Wiggles)
  • Teddy bear teddy bear song
  • Teddy bears picnic song.
  • Ralph say
  • Be my teddy bear – Elvis


  • Warm up dance – I am a Gummy Bear.
  • Lets all bake a cake (for the party) with spoon props
  • Guess the sound (Hairdryer (teddies getting ready), fizzy drink (teddys opening the pop), rockets (fireworks at the end of the party).
  • Teddy bear race (hold bear between knees and get to the other side without dropping him.
  • Teddy bear bob down (like musical bumps but holding a teddy).
  • Teddy bear pass – as with the bean bags, but tie different coloured ribbons around each teddies neck.
  • We’re going on a (teddy) bear hunt … cut out lots of teddy bear pictures and hide them around for the children to find (or you could use your bears!!).
  • Put all the bears on a parachute and try to throw them all off, the last one off wins a prize.
  • Sleeping teddy bears game (aka sleeping lions), kids have to lie down and go to sleep with their bears.