You can get into the theme with a superman (or any other superhero) T shirt (you can find reasonable ones one ebay) and leggings. Ralph can look the part in a superhero bear outfit, try

Songs and music

There are three specially written superhero songs to incorporate in your party plan

  • I’m a Hero
  • Hurry Hurry I am Superman
  • Can you be a Superhero?

Other good choices are:

  • Hurry Hurry Drive the Fire Truck
  • Runaway Train

There are lots of music that would be good for warm-ups, props and bubbles (all are available on iTunes):

  • Many tracks from the album ‘Superhero’s Invasion’. You will find versions of the Batman Theme, Superman Theme and also Spiderman Theme to use on this album.
  • Power Rangers music is also good to use, there are plenty of options on iTunes, such as ‘The best of Power Rangers (Songs from the TV series)’


It is also good to incorporate some prop based actions songs into plan, for example, the Bean Bag Song, Pom Pom Song and Shaker Song all work well. You can say that these are all part of the superhero training school to keep with the theme.

Use the ‘Ralph Goes to Outerspace’ activity  Ralph’s Big Parachute Adventures. There is also the superhero version of Musical Mayhem. You may have to adapt the material slightly if the party is for children 2 or under.

Hokey Cokey – Use the version without vocals and adapt this to do it in a superhero style. Do the first bit as standard, but when you go into the middle, fly into the middle like Superman, singing, “Wooh! Fly like a superhero’.

Colouring Pictures

Remember we also have a superhero party colouring picture you could give out at the end.

Franchisee Tips

  • Michael Buble version of the Spiderman song with egg and spoons
  • Superman theme tune for parachute
  • Dance routine together to kung fu fighting from kung fu panda.
  • Obstacle course – jumping over ‘buildngs’, etc.