Summer Training 2014

Thanks to all those who joined us last Sunday for Summer Training. Again it was a packed agenda with lots of new material demonstrated and discussed. The ideas and feedback you all contributed during the session were very valuable and have been incorporated into the descriptions, so our thanks for that. Keep it coming!


You can see the presentation here Summer Training Slides 2014 Final.pdf .

Some main points from the day to note:


  • You have now seen the vast majority of the new content and we only have a few extra activities and songs to cover at Conference November, enabling us to return to more business focused training and allowing class training to return to its business as usual format.


  • We have amended the class planning templates to include a  ‘Free Element Activity‘ and an additional song option. This was to address the fact that, for some people, the plans were proving too short for a full 45 minute class. Those who are finding the opposite and are struggling to fit everything in – do not worry! We will continue to monitor the timing situation and are sure that as the material beds-in the timing issues will settle down. In the mean time, do plan a contingency activity and song in the new spaces on the plans. Your ‘Free Element Activity’ can be absolutely any activity, from any unit you wish to use, irrespective of whether you are doing that Element  in class, what you have done the previous term or even what you have done last week. Just choose something you and your children enjoy! So please download the new version plan templates for the Autumn term (see the planning page).


  • Responding to requests from some of you, there is now a new word version of the plans showing a full half term on one page which can be printed and completed by hand if you prefer that way of working.


  • The new Units demonstrated at training were:
Learning Element Unit Activity
Phonics      To learn rhyme     Guess the rhyme
Rhyming nursery rhymes
Run to the rhyme
Let’s shop for rhyme
Ralph’s rhyme time
To identify initial letter sounds New letter resources for H, P, R, W, F
Listening & Communication    To listen carefully    Musical bumps
If you can hear me
That’s not right Ralph!
Musicality    To respond creatively to music  Musical emotions
Groovy moves
Musical contrasts
Numeracy    To sort and match objects    Sort it out!
What’s in the bag?
Matching shoes
Ralph snap
Motor Skills                   To develop large muscle control and co-ordination       Roly poly
Tummy time
Reach out
Creature crawl
Hula hoops
Obstacle courses
To throw and catch   To throw balls
To throw other objects
To catch
To jump and hop    Leaping animals
Jumping songs
Watch out for Mr Crocodile
To balance    Balance beam
Balancing objects
Balancing spacemen
Baby balance songs
To develop hand eye co-ordination Take aim
Discovering the World               To learn about gardens   Gardening songs
Imagination workout – gardens
Where does it grow?
To learn about the beach     Seaside songs
Let’s go rock-pooling
Beach safety
Beach sound bingo
Seaside treasure
To learn about the weather    Weather songs
Ralph’s weather forecast
Let’s make a rainbow
Imagination workout – weather
To learn about the day   Times of the day songs
Songs for everyday
Daily mix and match

For overview descriptions, age groups and links to the resources, please see the updated Unit pages.

Please note that a few of the song resources are just being finished and will be uploaded shortly. Also the training videos from the day are in the process of being edited and uploaded and will be added to the description pages over the next couple of weeks.



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