This is a great theme to be used as the last class prior to a summer holiday break. Ralph is going on his holidays, join him in his adventure. Its really important to use props to set the scene, e.g. dressing up Ralph, using a suitcase, having a towel and rubber ring. You could ask the children to bring in their own bears for the holiday class so that their bears can ‘go on holiday’ with Ralph. However be aware that they will want to keep their bears with them throughout the class, so plan accordingly!

Things you’ll need

  • Ralph in trunks or other summer outfit, e.g. shades
  • Sun-tan cream
  • Summer hat
  • A small suitcase
  • A toy ice-cream (or laminated picture of one)
  • Bucket and spade

Songs and music ideas

  • Holiday by Madonna
  • We’re all going on a summer holiday by Cliff Richards
  • Holi Holiday – This Boney M song has been specially re-created for you. See notes in choreography manual for dance moves.
  • Beside the seaside
  • The big ship sails
  • If you’re happy and you know it
  • Wheels on the bus
  • The runaway train
  • Let’s All Go on Holiday
  • Follow Follow Follow me
  • Yellow Submarine
  • Feeling Hot Hot Hot
  •  5 Fat Sausages (say having a holiday BBQ)
  • We Are Sailing
  • Albatross
  • Somewhere Across the Sea


Prop ideas

  • Beach balls
  • Non slip Mats (for surfing practice)
  • Beach games (bats and balls, Velcro catch etc)

Guess the Sound

    • plane
    • boat
    • car
    • waves crashing
    • baby laughing
    • splash
    • whistling
    • seagulls
    • train

Guess the Instrument

    • bongos
    • steel drums
    • Digereedoo

Packing Ralph’s Suitcase

Take a small suitcase with holiday clothes including items such as sunglasses, sun tan cream, hat, armbands, rubber ring, beach towel etc. Take 16 props in total, some doubled up if necessary, and give each child a prop to explore. Start in a circle and show one of each type. Give them out, stand at one end of the room with a suitcase, slowly shutting the lid, call out the prop, the child runs to you whilst everyone else counts to 10. They have to put it in the suitcase before the lid shuts on 10.

Ralph’s Holiday

As well as using existing material, there is a special story, featuring Ralph, all about his holiday. You will need to play the story on CD and have the relevant props. Ralph is sitting in a summer outfit with the following props: suntan cream, bucket, ice cream cone, hat inside a suitcase. Produce each prop at the appropriate time in the story.

You could do the Ralph’s Holiday story as a mime with Ralph, so the children keep focused on the story. Also keeping your props in the suitcase keeps them out of over-eager hands!

Recreate Hawaii

You could pretend to go surfing! Use baby mats and put on Hawaii 5 O or Wipeout. Or why not get some hula hoops and flower garlands along with some Hawaiian music. Some franchisees have found learning to Hula dance a fun thing to introduce to summer themed classes. You can find some instructional video on the Hula here: