Step One – Screening

Initially, screen candidates on the phone.  Do they seem to have the right manner, experience and enthusiasm? Ask them about their background and why they are interested in becoming class leaders. Franchisees are responsible for ensuring that anyone with a history of child abuse does not work with children. To this end you must ask during the screening stage whether the candidate has any previous criminal records and ascertain whether these would preclude them from the role.

Send interested candidates details about the job and MAD Academy.  There are some resources to download which you can use and amend to help you through the process:

You must also ask any applicant to complete a written application form Agent Application Form Mar11 (10) so you hold and can verify all the necessary personal information.


Step Two – Interviews

Then arrange interviews.  Think about the qualities you are looking for and prepare your questions in advance.  Possible areas for investigation in an interview would be:

  • Background/qualifications
  • Music and dance interests/experience
  • Experience of working with children
  • Their views on child development (check they are in line with the ethos of MAD Academy)
  • Their views on MAD Academy, their reasons for wanting to join and their expectations
  • How they might handle difficult situations that may arise in class. Ask candidates to describe times when they have demonstrated the qualities you are looking for – past behaviour is one of the clearest indicators of future behaviour!

Please note, in compliance with our policy on child protection the following MUST be covered during the selection process:

  1. Consent MUST be obtained from an applicant to seek information from the Criminal Records Bureau in the form of a CRB check if they are successful with their application
  2. Two confidential references will be required, including one regarding previous work with children (if possible). These references MUST be taken up. You can either write to the referee requesting a reference Agent Letter Reference Check Apr11 (9) or you can confirm the reference through telephone contact.  Head Office may request evidence of agent references.  Please ensure you have documented your phone conversation with referees, including name of referee, date of conversation and details of what was discussed.
  3. Evidence of identity MUST be provided by an agent at interview stage (eg passport or driving licence with photo).

Step Three – Demonstration

It is strongly recommended that you consider asking candidates to demonstrate how they would lead a class.  If possible, have children around during the interview process and ask them to lead a song or a nursery rhyme with them.  Seeing how candidates relate to children will be an important factor in your decision making, and it should show you whether they have the necessary outgoing and energetic style.

Step Four – Selection

Once you have made your selection, you must notify all candidates as soon as possible.  For successful candidates, send them an acceptance letter, dates for training and the standard contract Class Instructor Contractor (19) .  You may want to include a MAD Academy CD so your agents can begin to familiarise themselves with the music prior to training. (Please note it is not permitted to copy your class manual). Remember to notify all candidates that were unsuccessful.

It is good practice to invite your new agents to meet you and your other agents once they have accepted the post.  This is a time for you to get to know each other better and to answer the many questions they are likely to have.  They should be prepared also to spend time watching you and others run MAD Academy classes prior and during their class training to give them the best chance of being a great instructor.  Remember, your relationship with your agents will be one of the most important factors in their success.

Step Five – Notification

Once you have selected a new agent it is essential that you notify HO with their personal details and information on your identity checks and references. This must be done by completing the on-line agent notification form. You will also need to request a CRB check (on the same form) and you must send a copy of the returned contract to HO before any agent will be allowed to undergo training.

 Step Six – Training and examination

ALL agents must be examined by HO before they can start to run classes. You must arrange a date for an exam with Trish and you will be liable for the cost. It is up to the franchisee whether they train their agents themselves or whether they pay for them attend a HO training session. The dates of all forthcoming training sessions can be seen in the intranet diary. Manuals and CDs can be purchased from HO.

Before an agent begins to run classes it is your responsibility to go through all MAD Academy policies and procedures and ensure they run their classes in accordance with them.