Set the scene. Get Ralph into the sporting spirit by him up in a little tracksuit or add a sweatband or headband. If you like to give out a reward to your groups at the end of the term, then considering offering gold chocolate coins (gold medals) or small (non chocolate) medals that can be worn. These can be obtained for around 10-15p per child and distributed on the final goodbye of the term.

Songs and music

  • Hello Song – A new version of the hello song
  • Warm Up – Ralph’s Race Warm-up. There are three versions of this warm-up with dialogue to guide you through the warm up and one without if you prefer to choreograph your own. The third version contains dialogue that is more suited to non-walking children.
  • Waving The Flag – A song that uses a flag as a prop to set the mood of the class.
  • Waiting Athletes – A fun song based on the idea and tune of Sleeping Bunnies.
  • The Swimmers At The Games – To the tune of Wheels On The Bus with a new sports based content.
  • Five Little Men Running In A Race – To the tune of Five Little Men In A Flying Saucer with a fun sprinting race slant.
  • Can You Kick a Football/Walk A Balance Beam – A song to explore lots of different sports and their associated movements.
  • If You Want Your Team To Win – A song based on If You’re Happy And You Know It to cheer your team on with.
  • Meena the Triathlete – A story telling song recreating the endeavours of an athlete.
  • Row Row Row – A MADSport version of an old favourite.
  • Ribbon Song from MAD ABCs.
  •  MADSport Anthem – Our very own anthem to celebrate the ideas and ideals of the Olympic movement.
  • Goodbye Song – A new version of the Goodbye Song has been developed to close our games.

Training Videos

MADSport Hello Song

Madsport Hello Song-1 from MAD Academy on Vimeo.

Sporty Warm up ideas

Madsport Warmup Ideas-1 from MAD Academy on Vimeo.

MADSport Anthem

Madsport Anthems-1 from MAD Academy on Vimeo.

The Race is On

The Race Is On-1 from MAD Academy on Vimeo.

Race is on Alternative moves

The Race Is On Alternative-1 from MAD Academy on Vimeo.

Waiting Athletes

Waiting Athletes-1 from MAD Academy on Vimeo.

Waving the Flag

Waving The Flag-1 from MAD Academy on Vimeo.


The Rhythm of Sport


  • Bean bags – In pairs, each child has one bean bag and takes turns throwing it into a hoop or onto a mat. The first pair runs to the instructor after each hitting the target. OR 2 teams, one bean bag per team, standing in a line, pass over their heads first, then through their legs on another go, then over/under alternating.
  • Races – In pairs, each pair stands at opposite ends of the room. Child A has to hop to B, then child B hops back to where A was. As above, jumping, skipping, running backwards, slithering on floor like a snake etc. OR In 2 teams each team stands in a line and child 1 crawls through all others legs then joins the end of the line, then child 2 crawls through everyone’s legs etc till everyone has been.
  • Balloons – between legs, or in the air not touching the ground.
  • Egg and spoon.
  • Obstacle Race – Set up a circuit or obstacle race for them to go around. It could include:
    • zigzagging in and out of beanbags (like cones)
    • going through a tunnel
    • throwing a ball into bucket
    • 5 jumps
    • balancing a bean bag on your head
    • walking along a skipping rope
    • turnaround 3 times
  • use whatever props you have available. You can add your own games and ideas, but always aim to be using movement or music in a team or paired game.
  • bean bag throwing
  • hoops – step in, pull up over body, pass
  • balloon through legs
  • hoops/buckets/bean bags relays
  • musical bumps in teams
  • musical statues in teams
  • jumping/hopping races etc
  • in pairs blowing a ping pong ball to each other

When choosing games to play for the Walkers to 2 groups, or Walkers to 4 groups keep your idea’s very simple. Simple obstacle courses, simply running races with a task like throwing a bean bag into a bucket at the end, or egg and spoon races will all work well with the younger age groups. You will need to practice a game two or three times in order that the younger children start to understand the rules of play and respond well.

Guess the Sound

  • diving
  • trampoline
  • table tennis
  • start of a race
  • basketball
  • running
  • crowd cheering
  • swimming
  • tennis
  • cycling
  • archery
  • horse galloping

Other Ideas

  • Paper plate discus – how far can they throw their discus?
  • Paper plate skating (parents must hold children under arms whilst the children slide their feet along on the paper plates).
  • Or basketball – have a range of balls and a couple of buckets – children can the throw their balls into them.
  • Balloon volleyball – can they keep their balloon up in the air
  • Long jump – have some ribbons laid out along the floor. How far along can they jump?
  • Ping pong – bounce and roll ping pong balls using the bats



Rhythm Gymnastics

Ribbons balls and hoops to explore in small groups. Four bags of items will be required for four groups of four babies. Choose the most visually appealing or tactile. A MADSport track for background music.

Ball Sports
A selection of balls for four groups of four people – table tennis, tennis, basketball, football. Choose ones that allow exploration – bounce, roll, throw, kick, lie on and rock. A MADSport track for the background music.

Sensory Sport

(swimming) – bubbles, woggles, goggles, swimming hats, arm bands, inflatable toys and balls – all laid out on towels. Sufficient items for four groups of four children will be required. A MADSport track for the background music.