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Overview and benefit

From the start babies use sounds to communicate – starting with crying then moving to cooing. As they experiment and play with making other sounds, they are strengthening the muscles in their face and mouths ready to learning speech. Babies should be encouraged to make a variety of sounds and it helps them to repeat the same sounds over and over. Older children benefit from playing with sounds as they prepare to learn letter sounds and blends. This activity extends the sound making the children learnt in Animal Noises, and starts to encourage them to put different sounds together one after another.

Equipment required

  • Laminates for walks
  • Sound walk sound file

Link to resources

Training videos

Sound Walk-1 from MAD Academy on Vimeo.


Two to three weeks

How it works

Children go for an imaginary walk where they encounter things that make multiple sounds. They then try to replicate these sounds themselves.  The story is brought to life with a recorded script and laminates to illustrate each sound encountered.

What to do in the class

Put the pictures up on the wall in the following order so that you can walk easily around them in sequence with the children.  Doorbell, Splashing Ralph, Wind, Bird, Donkey, Keys, Owl and Ralph going home.  Play the script and help the children act out the story and make the noises for each thing that Ralph encounters on his walk.

Adaptation for older/younger children

None required

What to do in a nursery setting

No adjustment required.