—To create a Facebook account go to facebook.com and follow the easy step by step instructions. Alternatively you could watch this you tube video as you go through each of the steps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9SDy58HBYo 

Step 1 – Create a personal page

You must have a personal facebook page before you can have a business one. It is vital that you set the privacy settings to friends only for everything on this personal page. This will ensure that customers do not see your personal information and posts and what you post will not reflect on your business or the MAD Academy brand. However, even with these settings your personal picture can be displayed to the general public (if you want it to) so consider carefully which picture you use for this personal page!

Your personal page must not be used for your business and so you must not put up your logo or any business related photos or text in your profile picture or timeline picture.

Step 2 – Create your MAD Academy facebook page

—Once you have a personal Facebook page, you can create a MAD Academy business page. Go into your Facebook page and at the bottom of the page, click on “create a page” to get started with your business page. Your business page wont be visible until you have ‘published’ it, so you can stop during the following process and come back to it at any time.


This page will appear:


Choose “Local business or place.” Then from the drop-down menu, choose option “Local business.” Don’t worry, you can edit all this info at a later date if you wish to. Fill in your business address.

A special MAD Academy logo designed for use on facebook is available here. Save this on your PC and then click on “upload an image” and locate where you’ve saved the logo.

Once you have upload your logo, you need to check the thumbnail version, so click on “Edit Thumbnail.” When the edit box appears, tick “scale to fit”  as this will make the thumbnail version perfect!  Then save and click continue.

You will also need to upload a cover picture for your timeline. It is important that this picture looks professional as its the main image associated with your business. Also Facebook lay down some important restrictions on what this image may or may not contain. If you break these restrictions they can close down your page. Therefore please use the MAD facebook header (23) which we have created for you.

Go to your personal page and change your place of work to your new business page. Go to ‘add where I work’, in the box start to write MAD Academy and you should see all the MAD Academy pages below – just click on yours. This will show anyone looking at your personal profile a link to your MAD Academy page.

At the top of the page, under the profile picture, you will see the word ‘about’. Click this and edit all the information. In the ‘About’ section write the following:

MAD Academy provide fun, funky and physical music and movement classes for preschool children. Our weekly classes are for babies to 5 year old children and are packed with singing, dancing, props, games and rhythm activities. We also run holiday classes, nursery classes, events for fetes and festivals, and children’s birthday parties.

In the ‘Basic’ section put details of your class venues, your contact details and a link to your timetable page on the website.

Step 3 – Manage your settings

Now manage your settings on your new business Facebook page. Go to the ‘admin panel’, click ‘manage’, click ‘settings’, and choose ‘posting preferences’. Make sure you tick the post as MAD Academy even when using as as yourself. This will ensure that when you write on your business Facebook page, your personal details wont be visible.

Set your permissions so that people can post on your wall. You want to encourage people to post nice feedback and comments about your classes. If someone posts something unflattering, you will always be able to remove it.

Finally publish your page! Again go to ‘admin’ panel, then ‘manage’, and ‘manage permissions’, then click ‘publish page’ – you are now live!!!

Step 4 – Get to know your page



Arrow 1 – this is where you can edit any previous info or add any extra info.

Arrow 2 – Here you can invite any friends on facebook to “like” your page, the one on the right is always on your page.

Arrow 3 – Admin, this is who is in charge of your page and who can edit it, if you wish to add or delete someone from admin you will need to enter your facebook password.  Only admin people can see the admin box.

Arrow 4 – Notifications are for you to see what activity had happened on your page, so if someone likes your page you will get notified about it.

Arrow 5 – “like this” you can see how many people like your page and who.

Arrow 6 – Share, click here to share the page on to your home facebook wall.

On your main (personal)  facebook wall you will find a quick link to your page, in the left hand side bar under ‘Pages’. Just click on it and it will take you straight to your business page, it will also display if you have any notifications.

Alternatively you can switch to using Facebook as MAD Academy rather than your personal self by going to tiny arrow in the top menu bar on the far right. Click on this and it will give you the option to change how you are using facebook. When you are using it as MAD Academy, this is how others will see you if you post or comment or like other people’s pages.

Step 5 – Getting your first ‘likes’

Invite your friends and customers who are on facebook to “like” your page. Share the news of your new page on your personal facebook wall so all your friends can see it! You can also “import contacts” by inviting people through email.

Go to your business page and in the admin panel, go to ‘invite friends’ and click see all. Select everyone and a facebook invite will be sent to them all asking them to come and become fans. You can do this periodically as you get more personal friends and only new ones will be asked to become fans again.

Now go and ‘like’ your own business page from your personal page.  Change to use facebook as your business page and go and ‘like’ all the other MAD Academy pages set up by Head Office and other franchisees. This will make you part of the MAD Academy facebook community. Have a look at those pages while you are there to get ideas on how to manage and use your new Facebook page.

Now you will get all the news stories and comments that other MAD Academy Facebook users (franchisees and Head Office) post on their walls. These stories and comments will only be visible to you, not to other people who visit your page or have liked it, not until you ‘share’ them.

Sharing is much more powerful than liking, as this will display the item on your page and will go to all your own ‘fans’ (people who have liked your page). Therefore you should be sharing the news from MAD Academy Facebook and possibly other MAD Academy areas regularly rather than just liking them. To share a story from your newsfeed click “share” under the item you want to share.

If you want to say something about a news item you would like to share, click comment. A pop-up box will appear where you can write your comment and the both your comment and the news will be shared with your fans.

Step 6 – Setting a second administrator

Now set up a second administrator for your Facebook page. If anything happens to your account and you get locked out, or should you suddenly forget your password, the only way you will be able to get back in is if you have a second administrator who can go and in re-admit you. Without this, you could loose your entire page and all your followers – Facebook wont help you! Therefore all franchisees must make Trish Nawacki a second administrator on their Facebook accounts. As well as giving you the reassurance that someone else can give you access should you need it, it can also help should you suddenly be taken ill or have a problem and need someone else to post a few messages on your wall on your behalf. She wont, however, be accessing your accounts or posting on your page unless it is necessary, so you wont notice any difference!

You will need to email Trish once your page is complete and to ask her to come and like it. Once Trish has liked your page, go to your business page and in the top Admin Panel you will see a box called New Likes which displays the latest people to like your page. In this box you will see a ‘See All’ link. Click this and all the people who have liked your page will be displayed. Find Trish and click the ‘Make Admin’ box next to her name. She will then be sent a message asking her if she agrees to be an administrator for you.