Run your own business

A MAD Academy franchise gives you the opportunity to run your own business and enjoy a fun, flexible and financially rewarding career.

You get to be your own boss and see all your hard work and dedication pay off in the growth and success of your own business. It can be highly flexible, fitting around the demands of family life. Owning a local business also means an end to hours of commuting as classes can be run close to home wherever you live in the UK. (as long as the postcode is not already exclusively owned)

Not only is working for yourself highly motivating and satisfying, but educating and delighting young children is incredibly special. Running classes can give you a real buzz, as well as being great fun.

Franchisees have been running their own businesses with MAD Academy for many years now and have proven that you can achieve great financial rewards, with an excellent income, in a relatively short space of time. You can establish your business quickly and there is scope to grow it further, by hiring your own class instructors and even expanding your territory. Our franchise package, along with our experience and expertise, ensures you have everything you need to succeed from the very beginning.

Since being launched in 2004, MAD Academy has become a thriving franchise business with a strong brand name and reputation in the preschool marketplace.  Our classes are well known for being free-spirited and are extremely popular with mums and dads as well as children. There are already over 150 classes being run every week by MAD Academy’s band of fabulous franchisees. There are still many towns in the UK where children are denied the opportunity to enjoy our unique blend of funky music and specially choreographed dance and movement routines. Consequently, we are always looking for more fabulous people to join the MAD team and build your own successful business by taking advantage of our tried and tested methods and our  professional support team.

Our carefully structured curriculum, combined with our funky style ensures children have a brilliant time while they are learning to develop some of the essential skills that are the foundation of future growth and education. Unlike many other music and movement groups, our classes are full of energy because we believe that children need to be active and physically engaged in what they are doing.

MAD Academy’s success is down to its people, from the passion and vision of the founder, and the highly skilled expertise of the team. Under the New Ownership of Hayley Brabrook-Cherry, to the commitment, energy and professionalism of our franchisees. We appreciate the importance of supporting each other to ensure we all achieve business success. We believe in dedication and hard work, whilst maintaining a sense of fun! Many of the team are mothers and fathers, juggling family life with career, and for whom flexibility is an essential and successful way of working.

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We do not expect new franchisees to have direct previous experience as our franchise package includes comprehensive training in both business and class delivery. However, our successful franchisees can all claim to have most of the following qualities:

  • A passion for music and dance
  • Excellent relationship building skills
  • Strong business acumen
  • Energy, patience and a sense of fun
  • A positive attitude
  • A commitment to the education and development of children
  • Good organisational abilities and time management skills
  • Experience of working with young children
  • Marketing or sales experience


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