Resource Reorganisation

PLEASE BE AWARE: All our class resources have been renamed and reorganised in order to align them to our new structure, ready for next term. If you go to Resources/Class Resources on the top menu bar, you will see each of the Learning Elements listed with the relevant resources grouped under each one (and then grouped again into units). So, for example, Guess the Instrument sounds and pictures are now to be found under ‘Listening and Communication‘ – in ‘Identify and Distinguish Sounds’.

There are a few resources which have yet to be moved into the new structure (such as topic time) and these downloads have been left in a category called ‘Old resources’¬†also accessible from the same drop down menu.

It will take everyone a while to adjust to this new way of organising the material, but once we all start planning with Learning Elements from next term, it should make finding the relevant downloads much easier. Until then, you can still search the downloads with key words – go to Resources and put your keywords in the box that appears. Or please go to Rebecca or Trish who will be able to point you in the right direction quickly.

You will also see on the main menu bar at the top of the intranet site, there is a new section called Classes. Under this you will find information on all the Learning Elements and the tables which you found useful at Conference. These tables list all the units for each Learning Element, along with a short description of each one, links to the longer descriptions (which are now also all on the intranet) and links to all the relevant resources. This will provide you with another way of accessing our downloads library whilst you plan. We will talk you through this in much more detail at our March Training day.



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