Rebooking letters – text about next term’s changes

If you are sending out rebooking letters for next term, please include information about the exciting changes that are coming! We have written some example text which you can copy and paste into your letters:


MAD Academy has something new this Summer Term! We are very excited to announce that we will be launching our new learning programme in class. We will be harnessing the power of music and dance to help your child develop in eight key areas of learning, which are aligned to the government’s Early Years Learning Framework. Our classes will still be packed full of music, movement and MADness but our songs, dances and activities will now have a fun learning focus each half term. What we will be focusing on will depend on the age of your child but it might include:

  • Musicality – we will be introducing children to things such as rhythm, pitch, voice control, dynamics or instruments
  • Listening & communication – we will focus on different aspects of good listening and speaking skills (so essential to give children the best start at school!)
  • Motor skills – we will be using our props and dances to develop things like spatial awareness, ball skills, finger control, gross motor co-ordination etc.
  • Knowledge of the world – we might be learning about animals, transport, food, or even our bodies. The world’s our oyster!
  • Numeracy – for our older children, we will be using music and song to learn early numeracy skills & knowledge such as counting, or colours and shapes
  • Phonics – again for our older children we will start making them aware of early phonic sounds in a fun and physical way
  • Senses – for our babies we will be focusing on exploring those rapidly developing senses which are so important in helping babies learn about the world around them
  • And of course we will continue to help children develop those fundamental social skills as we all enjoy coming together in our class and making friends.


As part of launching our new learning programme we will be using facebook to ensure you get the most from our classes. Each week we will posting up fun and inspiring activities that you can do at home with your child. There will also be occasional free downloads of our music and resources, so make sure you have liked our facebook page so you don’t miss out!


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