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Overview and benefit

Children learn about what Ralph may need for different weather conditions learning in turn what they may need for each condition.

Equipment required

  • Large pictures of Ralph. Containers to hold the small cards (shoe boxes etc). Lots of the small laminated cards

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  • Two to three weeks

How it works

Children play a sorting game with the small cards, placing them in to the correct box to indicate what is required for each different weather condition that Ralph is in.

What to do in the class

Have pictures of Ralph around the room in different weather conditions:

  • In the sun
  • In the rain
  • In the snow

Divide the class into 4 groups and give each a container with lots of different pictures in. Each child takes a picture from their container and decides which Ralph might need it. They then go and put it in a bag by that picture and return for another item.

The picture file contains the following pictures:


  • Rain hat
  • ¬†Rain coat
  • ¬†Umbrella
  • Wellies


  • Suncream
  • Bucket and spade
  • Sun hat
  • Sun glasses
  • Cool drink
  • Flip flops


  • Sledge
  • Woolly hat
  • Woolly mittens
  • Scarf
  • Hot water bottle
  • Hot chocolate

Adaptations for older/younger children

This activity is designed for verbal children

What to do in a nursery setting

No adaptation is necessary.

Training Video

Knowledge Of The World – Ralphs Weather Forecast-1 from MAD Academy on Vimeo.