MAD Sport

MAD Sport


  1. The Race is On
  2. We’re Gonna Shake, Shake, Shake
  3. If You Want Your Team to Win
  4. Meena the Triathlete
  5. Rhythm of Sport: Swimming (instrumental)
  6. The Athletes at the Games
  7. MAD Pom-Pom Chant
  8. Ralph’s Warm-up
  9. The Bean Bag Song
  10. Waving the Flag
  11. MADSport Row, Row, Row
  12. Ralph Says
  13. Ribbon Gymnastics
  14. Can You Kick a Football
  15. I’m a Rider, on my Bike
  16. Here we go Round the Parachute
  17. Let’s go to the Pool
  18. Five Little Men in a Running Race
  19. Waiting Athletes
  20. Goodbye Games Song
  21. Max the Greyhound
  22. Ralph’s Dance
  23. Hurry, Hurry, drive the Firetruck
  24. Gonna Build a House
  25. Let’s Move

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