MAD Sport x 5

MAD Sport x 5


  1. The Race is On
  2. We’re Gonna Shake, Shake, Shake
  3. If You Want Your Team to Win
  4. Meena the Triathlete
  5. Rhythm of Sport: Swimming (instrumental)
  6. The Athletes at the Games
  7. MAD Pom-Pom Chant
  8. Ralph’s Warm-up
  9. The Bean Bag Song
  10. Waving the Flag
  11. MADSport Row, Row, Row
  12. Ralph Says
  13. Ribbon Gymnastics
  14. Can You Kick a Football
  15. I’m a Rider, on my Bike
  16. Here we go Round the Parachute
  17. Let’s go to the Pool
  18. Five Little Men in a Running Race
  19. Waiting Athletes
  20. Goodbye Games Song
  21. Max the Greyhound
  22. Ralph’s Dance
  23. Hurry, Hurry, drive the Firetruck
  24. Gonna Build a House
  25. Let’s Move


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