Get into the princess mood by accessorising with a tiara! A pink net tutu skirt (over leggings) and pink T-shirt, or a princess dress if you have it will also help to complete your look. Remember that your outfit needs to allow you to be quite active so wear clothes you can move easily in.

Songs and music

There are two specially written princess songs to incorporate in your party plan

  • Five Cinderellas
  • I’m a Princess at a Ball

Other good choices are:

  • Happy and You Know it
  • Grand Old Duke of York.

There are lots of music that would be good for warm-ups, props and bubbles (all are available on iTunes):

  • Dancing Queen (Abba)
  • Anything from Disney’s Ultimate Disney Princess. Many of the songs have been reworked with a more up tempo beat which makes them great for dancing, e.g. Zip a Dee Doh Dah (Aly and AJ version), Beauty and the Beast (Jump 5 Version), Some Day My Prince Will Come (the second version on this album is more upbeat)
  • Some Day My Prince Will Come (a version by Barbara Streisand, available on iTunes, when you want something a little more downbeat for bubbles)
  • The Ashley Tinsdale version of the same song is also quite nice.


It is also good to incorporate some prop based actions songs into plan for example ABC Ribbon Song, Bean Bag Song and Pom Pom Song all work well. You can say that these are all part of the princess training school to keep with the theme.

Use the ‘Here we go around the parachute’ of MAD ABC’s and choose an additional piece of princess themed music for some parachute free play. There is a princess version of the Musical Mayhem activitiy. You may have to adapt the material slightly if the party is for children 2 or under. A prop based activity also works well with this theme. If you have some glittery bouncy balls this would be perfect or possibly scarves.

Hokey Cokey – Use the version without vocals and adapt this to do it in a princess style, so put one shoe in, one shoe out. Arms go in with a haughty princess movement, and a princess should always hold out her skirts when turning around. When you go into the middle, walk in a regal way raising one arm to meet everyone else’s arm in the middle.


End the party with bubbles and some princess themed music.