children-guess-the-instrumeMAD Academy are experts at teaching babies and toddlers through music and dance. We aim to bring the magic of MAD Academy to children everywhere. As well as running public classes, our class instructors regularly go into nurseries, preschools and children’s centres.

Children love singing, music, rhymes, instruments, rhythm, and dance. We use a wide variety of styles and genres of music and encourage children to engage creatively with the music through props, movement and their imagination.

We believe that young children respond in a very special way to music and movement – it’s in their nature! And we use this powerful medium to teach children in eight key areas of learning:


  • Musicality
  • Listening and Communication
  • Motor Skills
  • Discovering the World
  • Senses
  • Numeracy.
  • Initial Phonics
  • Social Skills

Our educational content has been carefully designed to support the development of young children at every age and is specifically aligned to the Early learning Goals. To ensure progression and development, some areas of learning are used in all classes, whilst others are age specific. We focus on one key skill every half term in each area of learning so that each child has the opportunity to really develop in class. To find out more see our curriculum page.

MAD Academy can work with your nursery or Early Years setting to provide a whole term of music and movement lessons. The weekly in-house sessions can be adapted to your establishment’s requirements, the age and needs of your particular children and your environment. Alternatively we can arrange for shorter programmes, or one-off workshops.

Our class instructors are enthusiastic and dedicated professionals with a wealth of experience of delivering high quality music and movement sessions in nurseries, children centres and preschools. They are used to working with Early Years Professionals to meet their specific needs and can support planning and assessment. They will provide all the equipment necessary for a fun-filled session and many of our instructors are experienced in providing classes for children with special needs.

MAD Academy can also provide amazing parties, full of traditional fun, games, song, dance and laughter! So if you are looking to book a Christmas party at your nursery or are looking for some entertainment at your fete or function, give your nearest class leaders a call – they would be delighted to discuss with you how best to meet your needs.

Contact your nearest class instructor if you would like further information or to arrange a demonstration class.

Early Years Testimonials

“L was very impressed with Mad Academy and said that the dads and children all thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We will definitely be booking you again and we just wanted to say a huge thank you for coming and for all your hard work doing the session!”
Nursery Manager

“Our two to four year old children love MAD Academy! We have enjoyed our weekly dancing with Trish for almost four years. The sessions covers music, dance and sport with different props provided each week for the group to use. Alongside the singing and music that we cover as a pre-school Trish provides the ‘Wow’ factor! The session is loud and energetic, fun and stimulating. From the shyest to the boldest child they all join in and learn rhythms, sounds and actions.Their confidence increases and their physical abilities just get better and better. MAD Academy caters for all abilities and stretches our capabilities just enough to increase self-confidence and body awareness. The changes we see in the group from their starting point to leaving for school are incredible. Without even knowing it, the children are learning new skills and how to use different equipment and resources with confidence and ease.Trish’s sessions are always well planned and interesting. If we are celebrating or covering a specific theme then MAD Academy will cover it too. She leads the group with ease and is well loved by all the children. We all look forward to seeing Trish each week. She is fondly known as ‘Treasure’ by the children.”
Nina Hollier

“The children really look forward to Pauline coming in on a Friday Morning. The mix of abilities within the pre-school can sometimes be a challenge but Pauline has been able to engage and involve the majority of the children in the activities. Most noticeably their concentration and listening skills are much improved. Pauline’s classes come highly recommended – they are well organised, informative and very, very energetic. Looking forward to the next term.”
Clare, Manager Shanklin Pre-School

“Woodlands Children’s Centre commissioned Debbie Mason of Music and Dance Academy (MAD) to run several terms of sessions at the Centre. The sessions were very well run; Debbie always turned up well before the start so was set up and ready. She provided some excellent resources to support the sessions. Whilst the focus of the sessions was to support children and parents/carers to engage in physical and musical activities together, Debbie ensured that the other areas of learning from the Early Years Foundation Stage were threaded through the activities. For example the children played physical games using numbers, shapes and colours. Turn taking and sharing were encouraged. At the end of each course (6 weeks) we evaluated the sessions with the families who attended. Feedback was very positive. Parents enjoyed the sessions and reported that it gave them ideas to do at home with their child. Debbie is a great facilitator, she builds up a great relationship with the children and parents and has a lovely manner. She has a good grasp of the work of Children’s Centres and her service fitted very well. We were very disappointed to have to stop the sessions when our funding was cut.”
Woodlands Children’s Centre

As you may be aware we have only just taken over this nursery, so having Jo coming in was all very new to our children. I couldn’t fault Jo in her work and she has really brought some of our quieter children out of themselves, so that they know enjoy and look forward to these sessions. We have had great feedback from our parents, and one parent even stopped Jo before she came in today thanked her and said how much her child now enjoys music, and now has a great wiggle on him, which she again put down to Jo. Jo is a real asset to your team, and we are very lucky to have her.

Lorraine Green (Manager)
St Mark’s Pre-School

“We have been particularly impressed with Debs response to our request for a ‘MAD’ group to be set up specifically for children with additional needs. This has proved to be very successful which I believe is entirely due to Debs’ flexibility in adapting her repertoire to meet the needs of the children attending. It is wonderful to see the children engaging in activities in their own individual ways and knowing that their parents feel at ease and relaxed during these sessions.”
Liz Morley-Smith
Butterflies Centre Manager

“Sunflowers Children Centre loves MAD Academy. It is very popular with our families, and provides a great opportunity for social and physical development. All the children (and parents) really enjoy the sessions and keep coming back for more. Debs is full of energy and the range of activities makes the sessions vibrant and engaging but most of all great fun!”
Anna Graham (Centre Co-ordinator)
Sunflowers Children Centre

“The children at Alphabet City look forward to Cathy coming into the nursery all week. They are always saying ‘is it MAD Cathy day?’ The class is very good for the children to learn lots of new skills but by doing it in a fun and upbeat way.”
Emma Luckens (Nursery Manager)
Alphabet City

“Karen has been fantastic at the nursery and the children thoroughly enjoy her sessions. It has also been a good selling point for the nursery as many parents already know MAD Academy. We are extremely pleased with the sessions and Karen’s flexibility each term. The children at Little Pickles all love and look forward to Karen coming for the MAD Academy sessions. With Karen’s enthusiasm, energy and many props the children thoroughly enjoy learning new songs and actions in a fun and educational manner which is then linked into our planning and shared with parents and siblings at home. The children also love going home wit the new songs and their special stickers.”
Helen (Manager)
Little Pickles Nursery