Prepare for summer events

Summer is here, and that means that you will have lots of lovely open air events to market your classes at. Fetes, festivals and shows are essential for growing brand awareness in your franchise area and although hard work, are fun and rewarding to do.

Try to plan which events you want to be involved in early in the year to ensure you achieve maximum impact for your efforts. Consider the ages of the children likely to attend particular events and also the footfall so that you concentrate your efforts on those events that will give you maximum exposure to potential customers. Baby and Toddler shows are obviously ideal, but you often have to pay for a stand at this sort of event. Children’s festivals, Community Carnivals, Village Fete’s, County Shows and School, Church, Toddler group and Pre school fetes are all excellent things to be seen at. Very often if you are providing free entertainment many are prepared to waive any fees so it is worth negotiating. Other things to consider are warmups for Charity Toddles and NCT Teddy bears picnics.

Hannah Falgate who runs the Norwich franchise recently had a very successful stand at the recent Norfolk Bump Baby and Toddler Show. Her stand looked fantastically vibrant and attracted masses of interest. The event generated lots of new enquiries for Hannah so she will definitely making a return visit next year. Over the 5 days following the event, her daily average of visitors to her timetable page went up from 5 to 27! It really does illustrate that if you want to get more visitors to your webpage, it has less to do with keywords and more to do with getting out into the community and promoting your business!


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