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Overview and benefit


Spatial awareness is the ability to see the position of two or more objects in relation to each other and to oneself in space – to understand how much space an object takes up and how it can fit with another object, either on or in or next to etc. Children need to understand about size and shape and weight and to be able to make some comparisons between objects. The best way for children to learn this is through experience of handling objects and putting objects together. Good small spatial awareness is needed to handle objects and tools successfully and has even been linked to reading and numeracy. Spatial awareness in general is needed for good organisation skills, presentation skills and even in structuring written work.


Equipment Required

  • Some background music (without vocals if possible)
  • Posting containers – see list below
  • Props for posting – see list below


One to two weeks

How it works

This activity aims to teach children to make assessments about what objects fit into different sized/shaped holes.

What to do in the class

Explain to the adults in class that posting is an important exercise for developing spatial awareness. Ask the class to sit in a small circle and put the posting containers and props into the centre. There does not have to be a posting container for each baby, but there should be at least one for every two babies in the class. This will encourage the parents to work in social groups. Explain your adaptations for younger babies, and encourage the remainder of the groups to help the babies explore posting the times into the containers.

Props to possibly use to post:

  • Ping pong balls – good to go into egg boxes
  • Make post boxes from old shoe boxes and cut up bits of coloured card to make ‘letters’
  • Make holes in boxes and get children to post lummi sticks – could use wooden spoons so the kids could hold the wide end and slide in the handles into the holes
  • Dominoes – post into a box such as wet wipe tubs
  • Shape sorters
  • peg puzzles
  • wooden clothes pegs, cotton reels, bean bags, scarves, wooden blocks – could post all into ice cream tubs, loo rolls, tissue boxes, shoe boxes, plastic cups, nappy boxes, biscuit tins.
  • The discs from a connect 4 game

Training Video

Post It-1 from MAD Academy on Vimeo.

Adaptations for babies

For older sitting babies, use boxes with holes and ping pong balls. For younger babies adapt the exercise to promote tummy time and grasp using the props. Younger babies can be held on the carers laps being encouraged to handle the objects. Carers can show the babies how to post the objects.

What to do in a nursery setting

Sit in a circle with a selection of posting activities, encourage one staff member to assist with up to 3 babies or 5 walkers to twos. If any non sitting babies, work with tummy time and grasp as above.


Trish made a post box for the children to post into.Trishs post box

You could provide older children with a variety of different shaped and sized objects and see if they can spot which will fit in to their posting box and which wont, and then have a go to see if they were right.

ELC have a nice posting game –,default,pd.html


Or make your own

Post Box Pretend Play