Running MAD Academy classes in an Out-of-Area Nursery

1. Franchisees are allowed to deliver classes to nurseries that are not in their own franchise area or in the area of any other franchisee.

2. They must request permission to provide this service for each and every nursery outside their area and get approval from Head Office.

3. The request must include the full postal address of the nursery, the name, e-mail address and phone number of the person authorised to sign a contract for the service. The request must also include the intended start date of the service.

4. The first franchisee who submits a request to provide the service to a specific nursery will be given the first option to provide the service to that nursery, regardless of the proximity of any other franchisees.

5. If MAD Academy sells a Franchise that encompasses the postcode in which the nursery is situated, the franchisee must hand over the business contract with the nursery to the buyer of the new area from the date at which the new area becomes active.

6. In order to maintain continuity and customer good will, the franchisee or her agent who has been running the classes must offer to continue to do so, as a paid for agent, for the first term after the takeover. However, the new franchisee has the right to run the classes herself if she wishes to do so.

7. The franchisee running the classes in an out-of-area nursery must advise Head Office if and when their contract with the nursery ends and is not renewed.