The intranet is a private resource for MAD Academy franchisees to enable them to run their classes and businesses effectively. Access to the intranet is an integral part of the franchise package that a franchisee has purchased.

As the intranet contains all the information and resources needed to plan and run classes, there many be times when a franchisee requires intranet access to be given to an agent on their behalf. Access will not be given automatically to agents, but will only be given if the franchisee requests it. No franchisee is allowed to give their username and password to another person, including agents, to access the intranet site.

In order for access to be given to agents, franchisees must send to Rebecca Eddy via email

  • a copy of the agent’s signed confidentiality agreement (this can be a scan or a photo but must be electronic). This will be held with a copy of their ‘New Agent Notification form
  • the agents email address

The franchisee is responsible for ensuring appropriate use of the intranet by their agent. They are also responsible for training the agent on using the intranet and helping them to access the material contained within it.

The franchisee must notify Rebecca Eddy immediately the agent ceases to work for them, so that their intranet access can be terminated.

Head Office reserves the right to refuse any agent access to the intranet site.