Accidents may happen despite all efforts to prevent them. A franchisee’s duty of care does not end with trying to prevent them. It also encompasses their response to them.

In order to respond appropriately to an injury, franchisees must always have with them:

  • An emergency phone with emergency numbers
  • First aid kit
  • Accident report book
  • Certificate of public liability insurance
  • PPL licence
  • Health and safety checklist.

Should an accident occur, however small, a franchisee must record it in their HSE (Health and Safety Executive) Accident Book, which can be ordered from the following website: or call 08701 545500.

If any person is taken or sent to hospital due to an accident or incident in class, a franchisee must report the incident to RIDDOR, as stipulated by the Health and Safety Executive. MAD Academy Head Office must be made aware of any accidents recorded in the accident book within 7 days.

A franchisee must follow up any accidents that occur in class with a phone call to there person involved to check on their well being.