Ensure you have done the following:

  1. Complete a Form Health and Safety venue risk assessment June08  for each venue that you operate in, identifying potential hazards and actions to be taken. File safely and update whenever anything changes.
  2. Add actions to the Form Health and Safety check list June12  to make it personal to your classes. Print and place in your class folder.
  3. Refer to your Health and Safety checklist before each session to ensure all risks are managed appropriately.
  4. Tick your Form Class Register June12  to show you have conducted your checks.
  5. Should anything arise before, during or after a class, make a note on the back of your class register, date it, and note what action you took.
  6. If an accident should occur in class, it must be recorded in your Accident Book and HO must be notified.
  7. Should an accident result in the need for hospital treatment the incident must be reported to RIDDOR.
  8. Checklists must be updated when new venues are used or when anything at an existing venues change.
  9. An  Form Health and Safety equipment risk assessment June08  must be conducted before the equipment can be used and this must be updated regularly (every time you clean the equipment would be appropriate). Any action taken, such as items being repaired or replaced should be noted.


You should print a checklist for any party or event you attend, adding anything specific to that venue to the checklist by hand when you are there and dating it.