Get yourself and Ralph into the pirate theme by wearing a pirate hat or bandana, and possibly an eye patch. If you can find a black and white stripy top to go with black cut off leggings, this will complete your outfit!

 Songs and music

There are five specially written pirate songs to incorporate into your party plan:

  • Pirates like Digging for Treasure
  • Three Pirate Captains
  • The Pirates Go Marching One by One
  • I Sailed My Ship on the Ocean Blue
  • Five Jolly Pirates

Other good choices are:

  • The Big Ship Sailed
  • Never Smile at a Crocodile
  • Row Row Row
  • Waving the Flag (this can also be adapted for use with hand held pirate flags)

There are lots of music that would be good for warm-ups, props and bubbles (all are available on iTunes):

  • What Shall We Do with the Drunken Sailor (the album on iTunes is called ‘Sailors Dance Party’)
  • When I Was One (many versions on iTunes)
  • Big Fish Little Fish (Bob the Builder)
  • Fergus’s Jig (The Wiggles)
  • Scotch Cap (Toucan Pirates)
  • He’s a Pirate and The Black Pearl (both Disney Pirates of the Caribbean)
  • Jolly Rodger (Adam and the Ants)
  • Drunken Sailor (Radio Mix) – amazon


Use the pirate version Ralph’s Parachute Adventures and also the pirate themed Musical Mayhem as activities in your parties. You may have to adapt the material slightly if the party is for children 2 or under.

Hokey Cokey Variation – Use the version without vocals and adapt this to do it pirate style. For example you could sing; “Put your peg leg in, your peg leg out” and “Put your hook hand in, your hook hand out.” On the “in and out” bits, sing; “Arrrrh, dance like a pirate! Arrrrrh, dance like a pirate. Knees bend arms stretch, all say Arrrrh!”

For gifts, you could also give each child a piece of pirate gold to take home ( – £6.50 for 100 pieces). Also inflatable toy parrots are quite cheap as a birthday gift for the birthday child (

Remember we also have a pirate party colouring picture you could give out at the end.


Other ideas to try:

  • Ropes to walk the plank along
  • Pirate Bingo – guess the sound bingo with a pirate theme – resources are available to print
  • Assault course to get the treasure from one end of the room to the other in teams
  • Bean bag song as they need good balance to stay upright on boats and need to be quick handed to rob people!
  • Jungle song
  • Find the Pirates treasure or the Princess jewels. Bag of play balls and cardboard boxes matching the colour of the balls. I tend to do four or five boxes covered with blue, green, Yellow and red wrapping paper made up to look like treasure boxes. Prentend to be a Pirate that has stolen the treasure and chuck the balls in the centre of the room (with the boxes at every corner) and get the kids to sort the treasure into the corresponding boxes. If they do it quickly get the kids to throw the balls again and get them to sort it
  •  The Big Ship Sailed
  • Captains Coming
  • Klaus Badelt has a good version of the “He’s a pirate” from pirates of the Caribbean that I use for the warm up.