Pauline Llewellyn

Pauline-Llewellyn-picturePauline Llewellyn, was born and brought up in the Surrey area, and has always been a bit quirky! Her first car was a bright pink Beetle, nicknamed ‘Sponk’. That car was her ‘baby’ and it used to make everyone smile as it drove past. It was perhaps therefore not surprising that Pauline found working as a PA a little too bland. She soon decided she didn’t want to sit behind a desk and be sensible all day. The big kid in her needed more fun and to indulge it’s more artistic side!

As a small child, Pauline used to tread the boards, including being a bathing beauty at the age 7 – photo evidence exists somewhere! Her encore was playing a famous character in a school production of an 80’s soap (big shoulder pads were involved) and recently helping to raise funds for a Surrey Children’s hospice.

Pauline’s energetic sense of fun has finally found its element as she explodes onto the MAD Academy scene.

“I just love it! My young daughter and I went to a MAD Academy party and I was hooked. My daughter giggled and smiled all the way through it and so did I. Now I get to spread the MAD Academy ethos and the fun. How Amazing!!! Most importantly I get to work with the most fantastic and interesting people who come to the classes. I learn so much”

Pauline really looks forward to seeing you soon and joining her in some fun-packed MADness!!! Visit Pauline’s timetable to find a suitable class.


We can’t recommend Pauline’s MAD class in Cheam enough – it’s fun and free spirited! We wanted our son to appreciate music without the strict routine of some classes…. she’s wonderful!

Celeb’s Mummy

“Jack has been attending MAD since he was one and is now 2 and a half and loves it. The class is very energetic and educational. His confidence and skills have really developed. Every Tuesday he really looks forward to Pauline’s Class and he tells me he ‘Loves Ralph the Bear!!’

Jack’s mummy

“The children really look forward to Pauline coming in on a Friday Morning. The mix of abilities within the pre-school can sometimes be a challenge but Pauline has been able to engage and involve the majority of the children in the activities. Most noticeably their concentration and listening skills are much improved. Pauline’s classes come highly recommended – they are well organised, informative and very, very energetic. Looking forward to the next term.”

Clare, Manager Shanklin Pre-School

“A fantastic class that my daughter loves to go to!”

Ellie-May’s Mummy

“My children attended the group over 3 months and had the best fun they’ve ever had at any group! Active, educational, fun for parent and child, my children were 3 (daughter) and 18 months (son) when we started, and the class appealed to both in so many ways. The instruments and songs were a favourite! The use of skill based toys i.e. beanbags, golf sticks, bouncy balls for hand eye coordination, and claves for beat competency, all excellent. I cannot praise this group highly enough. When we started my son didn’t talk, and had started using miming actions to say yes, and referred to himself as another name, after 3 weeks, there were huge improvements, after 3 months it was such a joy to see how much he had developed his language and speech, and sang every word of the hello song with all the actions!! We would recommend (and have done many times),MAD ACADEMY, to every parent with a child of all abilities and ages between baby and preschool age! Absolutely fantastic work, and Pauline deserves recognition for her work as without an enthusiastic, warm welcoming leader there would be no group at all!”

Brooke and Frankie’s Mummy

“My daughter attends Pauline’s classes in Cheam every week and absolutely LOVES every second. It is the highlight of her week – she wears her MAD academy T-shirt with the utmost pride!! Highly recommended.”

Eloise’s Mummy

“Lots of fun. Very energetic. Lots of jumping and very tired Mummies! Great music!”

Megan’s Mummy