Our 9th Annual Conference

Last weekend saw most of the MAD Academy community come together in Reading at our 9th Annual Conference. Attendance was at its highest level, as franchisees and agents came along to hear all about the exciting Evolution project which so many of you have already been involved in.

In response to your feedback on previous Conferences, we dispensed with the team building activities and extended the training and updates to cover the whole day.  Just as well as there was so much to get through!

You can find out more about what we covered by going to Conference 2013 in the training section, where you will also find slides from the day. You can also find all the class resources that were demonstrated on the day, by going to the Evolution part of the resources section on the intranet.

Huge congratulations go to our award winners this year! Maggie Duerden received a special recognition award for the solid and constant expansion of her business over the years, her brilliant business administration, and her unfailing support of the MAD Academy brand.


Kathryn Lindblad MAD Academy Cheshire

Kathryn Linblad was presented with the Business Development award. Her business has seen a 50% increase in turnover during these past 12 months, despite the very challenging economic climate. She was commended on her constant positivity and on the fantastic progress she has made on her facebook page.


Finally Kate Lawrence won the Franchisee of the Year award. She was recognised for the great strides she has made in building her business this year and for going well beyond the call of duty in supporting the Evolution team with all the testing of new material! Congratulations to all of them.


We took video of Trish’s training session and will be working on the footage over the next month to try and make it available to you all in easy to access clips. More on that shortly!

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