Using Facebook to promote offers and giveaways can be an effective way of getting more people to come to your page. You could offer:

  • You could offer buy one second half price on CDs, or a 10% off CDs for Facebook fans
  • You could hold a special holiday class for Facebook fans
  • You could offer a reduced rate for holiday classes to Facebook fans
  • You could discount classes you are struggling to fill, like a particular baby class or weekend class, for Facebook fans. You could then ask people to tell anyone with a baby about your offer or to post the offer on their page.
  • You could offer a discount for referrals – get a free class if they bring a friend, or get 20% off your next party if they refer you for another party.

These may not be any different from any other promotion you might do, but when on Facebook they have much greater scope for people to pass them on because it is so easy to share them Facebook.