Did you know there are things you can do to improve the traffic that netmums send to your timetable pages. Debbie Mason and Trish Nawacki have been having quite a bit of success using some simple techniques.


You can have up to three images on your standard listing for free. So, as well as our logo, you can put a picture of Ralph, or yourself or one of our standard children pictures. These can really make your listing grab the eye and stand out.

Gold listings

You can pay for a premium listing which will ensure your advert is at the top of the search results. Given that the standard results are returned alphabetically, MAD Academy can come further down the page if there are lots of other groups in your category. A gold listing can put you at the top. But be warned, it costs approx £10-15 a month and so can get pricey! So chose when you do and when you do not do it. Perhaps choose times when there are very few other gold listings to get maximum benefit or perhaps when you think most mums would be searching for new classes, such as at the start of term.


Netmums have local noticeboards which you can post on. You are meant to post on there once a month and its totally free. You can add your logo which really help them to stand out. Try to focus on a different aspect of your business each month (your baby classes, your parties, your nursery business, your toddler classes). To save time, plan out your notices in advance for the term and then its just a case of updating.

Party Pages

Netmums also have party pages. Try asking any happy mums that you do parties for to write good feedback on the site.