MAD Academy have been teaching babies and toddlers for 10 years in our fun, physical and funky weekly classes. We specialise in music and dance because we understand it plays an integral role in young children’s happiness and growth. It also helps them to learn by engaging the whole body and activating multiple parts of the brain at once – it’s the way nature intended children to learn. So it’s the perfect medium to teach a whole range of skills and knowledge, from letters to numbers, from shapes to weather. In our classes MAD Academy harnesses the power of music and movement to teach focused topics such as:img_1979

  • Musicality
  • Listening and communication
  • Motor skills
  • Knowledge of the world
  • Senses
  • Numeracy
  • Phonics
  • Social skills


Our activities are all age appropriate and tailored to the developmental stage of our children. They also progress through the age ranges, helping children to learn and grow their skills in a co-ordinated way. MAD Academy opens up a whole world of learning to our children through music and dance.


Right from our baby classes we teach children to enjoy music and singing and to feel the rhythm. As they grow, we teach more complex musical skills such as pitch, dynamics, tempo, and musical expression.

Listening and Communication

Listening and communication are essential skills for all children and develop these skills in all our classes. Our activities and games teach children to listen carefully, identify and distinguish between different sounds and identity where they come from, respond to what they hear, to vocalise sounds and to communicate through signing and talking.

Motor Skills

Our specially choreographed dances and movement activities are designed to develop children’s spatial awareness, co-ordination, balance, strength, agility and sequencing skills. We also use props to focus on children’s fine motor control.

Discover the World

Across all our age groups, we have fun with music and songs to learn about the world around us. We cover a different topic each half term, including animals, learning food, the body, transport, gardens, the weather, space etc.


In our baby classes we have a dedicated section each week devoted to exploring the senses. We use exciting and stimulating props and music to encourage babies sense of touch, sight and sound, which are so important as they learn about the world around them.


In our Walkers to Two classes we start to use music and songs to help children begin to learn to early numeracy skills. We teach children to count up to 10, to counting back, to skip count and to identify colours and shapes. In our older classes we continue with our numeracy teaching, focusing on matching and sorting skills and positions.


Once children move into our Twos to Four classes, we begin to introduce them to initial letter sounds, using songs, rhymes, and games to help them recognise some initial letters and to identify the sounds they make.