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Overview and benefit

Young children need to develop control and co-ordination of their fingers and gradually build strength in their hands. This control is of vital importance later when they will use their hand muscles to draw, write, cut and manipulate other tools. Babies usually develop control of their fingers and hands before they can talk, so can learn finger actions to rhymes even before they can say the words.

Equipment required

  • Choice of equipment from options below
  • Background music


One to two weeks                                                                                                 

How it works

This activity is aimed at getting babies to move objects with their fingers.

What to do in the class

Explain to the parents that the purpose of the exercise is to develop finger control.  Either use the same prop for all, or alternatively provide a selection of toys that can be used to promote finger manipulation.

Possible props could include

  • Abacuses
  • Beads, cotton reels, loo rolls,curtain rings, straws etc threaded onto a long ribbon or cord and tied at each end. These could be laid on the floor or held between parents and the babies try to move them objects along the length. Parents can hold the cord horizontally and vertically.
  • Chunky toy vehicles
  • Pull along toys – ducks on string et

Training Video

Move Along-1 from MAD Academy on Vimeo.

Adaptations for older/younger children

Abacuses and beads on strings will work well for younger babies.  Use the pull along toys and chunky cars, so help encourage the younger babies to lift their heads to track the movement while enjoying some tummy time. For older children, you could try large zips such as on pyjama cases.

What to do in a nursery setting

Thread the beads the cotton reals onto a large piece of string bit enough for all the children to sit in a circle with.  Encourage them to pass the beads along the string to the next child.