MAD Academy offers a range of quality products that can be sold at all of your classes and events. Selling merchandise can be an important addition to your income and is also invaluable in raising brand awareness. Remember to promote the merchandise, particularly the very popular cds at every opportunity. CDs that are bought as gifts for children who don’t yet come to class can be a great way of reaching potential new customers.

Think of ways of actively promoting merchandise in your class – whether through eye-catching displays in class, raffles or competitions. Always have a nice display of your merchandise in class on a prominently positioned table. Plain red tablecloths should be used for all merchandise tables. Consider using a notice board (you can get single ones, or a tri-fold board) to display your insurances and certificates, leaflets, posters and party packages. You could also pin T-shirts up and laminated MAD Academy photos, all of which was very eye-catching and professional. On the table display your CDs and mini-Ralphs, leaflets and magazines.Remind parents every so often that all the songs we use in class can be found on the CDs. Think about giving away some of your merchandise as prizes or in promotions.

The T-shirts for children are VERY competitively priced and you should make the most of this.  The T-shirts are a great way of advertising the brand outside of classes so encourage all to buy one. People enjoy feeling part of a club atmosphere so the more children that wear the t-shirt to classes, the more that will buy it.

If children wear MAD Academy T-shirts in your area, it really raises the profile of your business in the community and hopefully helps to bring new customers to your classes.

Consider donating some CDs to school fairs and fetes, preschool raffles etc. You could ask the organisation to give a leaflet to everyone who attends.

NOTE: MAD Academy sells merchandise on the MAD Academy website at the RRP however, what you charge is similarly at your discretion.

You can purchase merchandise via this intranet site in Orders. You will need to pay at the time you place the order using the on-line checkout. All p&p costs will be calculated after the order has been placed and will be added to your MSF invoice. You can avoid p&p costs by arranging to collect orders at training sessions or from Sedge or Trish.