It is really important you make your Facebook page interesting and useful to ensure people will want to visit it regularly and will tell their friends to become fans.

Post regularly

The more you can post, the more interesting your page becomes. Also, although all your posts are kept on your page, so visitors will be able to see them all, the news feeds on other people’s pages are always changing. Avid Facebookers will get many news items a day on their page. If you don’t post more than once or twice a month your news item can easily be overlooked and it can be months before a fan hears from you!

Make your site useful

Make your page useful to your target audience. Turn your facebook page into a local information board that would be helpful to mums and parents with young children. If you can give out information, beyond that of your classes or MAD Academy which your target market finds useful the more likely they will be a fan, visit your page regularly and even recommend you to others. Useful information could include:

  1. letting people know about local events, carnivals, days out or news that is relevant for families. Just sign up for newsletters and Facebook feeds from local sites e.g. parks, National Trust sites, theme parks, or organisations such as libraries, NCT, the Round Table or your local tourist information centre etc. When you become aware of any interesting events or news, let your fans know too. This is not about endorsing but passing on family friendly information.
  2. passing on information and offers that are relevant to a young family. For example if you see nappies on sale at your local supermarket, you could let people know. Or if you discover a shop has a promotion on school uniforms you could put a link. Again you are not endorsing anything or saying these particular nappies are the best, but you are letting people know information they might find useful.
  3. links to interesting websites about child development, or any aspect of rearing children, you could put a link. For example has Netmums got an interesting article this week on weaning, or has Cbeebies got a good new preschool game to help children with early numbers. You can always search to find relevant sites and every now and then post a link.
  4. posting regular stories about what Ralph has got up to that week, perhaps with a funny picture of Ralph getting up to mischief!
  5. post interesting information about child development, particularly about music and dance. You could use the snippets from the Child development leaflets.