Once you have your MAD Academy facebook account up and running, make sure you go and ‘like’ other MAD Academy facebook pages:

  • MAD Academy – Make sure you visit and click ‘like’. This is our HO page. We regularly post news items on this page and all the news items from our website will also appear here. If you ‘like’ the page, these news items will be sent to your Facebook account. Remember, when they appear in your news feed, you will need to click ‘share’ to post them to your Facebook followers. This is an easy way to help you generate news to communicate with your customers with very little effort on your part!
  • Ralph the bear – Ralph the bear has his own facebook page. Again make sure you visit his page and like it. Again you will receive all his news updates which you can then ‘share’ with your customers.
  • Other franchise areas


You will receive any news items from pages that you have ‘liked’. So you should now be getting lots of items coming in from all the MAD Academy Facebook pages. This will keep you informed personally of what everyone in MAD Academy is up to. You can use many of these items to pass on to your own customers and friends who have ‘liked’ your page to keep them informed and that way you don’t have to always have to think of your own things to write!

On the item you wish to share you will see 3 options at the bottom, ‘like,’ ‘comment’ and ‘share’. Choose ‘share’ (you need to ‘share’ not ‘like’ to post it on to your page). Before sharing you will need to ensure you are using your Facebook page as MAD Academy. Either make sure you have selected ‘use as MAD Academy’ from the right hand arrow in the top menu bar. Or when you comment or share, choose the option to post onto your MAD Academy page.

When you share something, commenting gives you the opportunity to do some further marketing or promotion. For example, if you are sharing a complimentary comment left by parent about a child leaving MAD Academy a class to go to nursery, you could comment that your also run nursery classes, so perhaps you will meet her in the future. Or if someone comments about an event you did at a local fete, you can share and comment that you also do birthday parties and weddings.


When writing your status if you wish to mention someone or something in it type @ then their name for example @ralphbear. A pull down menu appears and you can choose the chosen person who you wish to be in your status, the person will get notified that you have “tagged” them in your status and it means that anyone else can simply click that name to go to their page. Therefore you really want people to tag you to bring in new customers.