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Overview and benefit

Children will learn a finger play rhyme about Rainbows, they will then either collectively or individually make a rainbow from scarves, ribbons or bean bags. They learn a little about when to look out for Rainbows and why they are there.

Equipment required

  • Props to make the rainbow – bean bags, ribbons or scarves. A picture of a rainbow.


  • One to two weeks

How it works

Children learn about rainbows using props and rhyme.

What to do in the class

Talk to the children about rainbows, explain in simple terms how they occur and why. Show the picture and say things like ‘Rainbows occur when it is raining but sunny at the same time. The suns light, shines on the raindrops and makes the colours appear in the sky.’

Either play the rhyme below showing the finger movements, or simply say it together without the backing. Then invite the children to make a rainbow using your chosen prop. You could have the music, ‘ I can sing a rainbow playing in the background’. Use coloured bean bags in coloured buckets. Each child takes a red bean bag from the red bucket and come and lay in on the ground in an arch (will need parents help), then goes and gets the yellow ones etc.

Alternatively the children can work individually individually with parents using scarves, ribbons or bean bags or beads.

Beautiful Rainbow ( finger play rhyme from the internet)

One day the sun was shining bright (hold up right hand like blocking sunlight)

But some clouds came along and it became black as night (Hold up left hand for the clouds)

Then the rain began to sprinkle onto the ground (wiggle fingers for the rain coming down)

And soon it was raining all over the town.

But when the clouds had passed on by (move both hands to one side)

A big beautiful rainbow stretched across the sky (make a rainbow arc with your hands)

There is also the song Sing a Rainbow that you can learn and sing together.  Look at each of the colours in the song as you sing using ribbons or scarves.  Give the children ribbons or scarves to wave as they sing the song.


Adaptations for older/younger children

This activity is designed for verbal children

What to do in a nursery setting

No adaptation is necessary.

Training Video

Knowledge Of The World – Weather – Make A Rainbow-1 from MAD Academy on Vimeo.