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Overview and benefit

Jumping is an important gross motor skill for the children to practise and learn. Mastering the art of jumping cab be quite tricky for younger children. Often children learn the action before they can actually take their feet off the floor. So teaching them to bend and rise suddenly is the precursor to actually jumping. It can help to count before the children jump – one two three, jump. Initially a toddler may jump with one foot only off the ground, encourage them to jump with both feet off the ground demonstrating this to them. This activity, builds on the children’s jumping skill by encouraging them to be more controlled with their jumps by jumping in given direction or into a target.

Equipment required



  • Two to three weeks

How it works

Children pretend to be different animals known for leaping in order to encourage them to jump.

What to do in the class

Encourage more focused jumping with the use of props and help children to do this by getting them to imagine they were a jumping animal. Used a themed music track whilst the children are jumping.

  • Frogs – give children hoops to jump into imagining they are lily pads or ponds.
  • Rabbits – give children hoops to jump into imagining they are rabbit holes.
  • Grasshoppers
  • Kangaroos – give children ribbon or rope or beanbags to jump over imagining they are logs or rocks.

Training Video

Leaping Animals-1 from MAD Academy on Vimeo.

Adaptations for older/younger children

For older children you can also progress to directional jumping. Practise jumping forwards, backwards and sideways. Play a game of crocodiles. Lay out some hoops or non slip mats to form a path across the hall. Ensure it weaves around. Explain that the children had to cross the river without landing in the water or the crocodiles might eat them. Demonstrate jumping across the river with Ralph. Children and parents jump together across the river. For those who can’t yet leave the ground the parent helps the child by lifting them as the child goes through the motions of jumping.

What to do in a nursery setting



Suggested Music (all on Itunes):

  • The Grasshopper Hop by Kidzone on Incy Wincy Spider Album
  • I Like To Move It by Crazy Frog on Crazy Hits
  • At the Hop by Danny & The Juniors on Lets Go to the Hop
  • Kangaroo Hops by Sean O’Boyle & Leona Collier on Bush Baby – Music for Awake Time